Introducing Mrs. Franzman

Cherokee hires amazing staff for our teaching team. One of our newest members is Mrs. Franzman. She is one of the newest freshman teachers this year, and in our next feature in new teacher spotlights.

Ms. Franzman always has a cheerful, outgoing personality.

Mrs. Franzman teaches Algebra 1 and loves helping students out in the classroom, whether it be with creating engaging lessons, growing their analytical and reasoning skills, or even just working through personal or life challenges. Mrs. Franzman is one of the students’ favorite teachers.

We asked Mrs. Franzman a couple questions about herself and her new experience at Cherokee High School to help people get to know her better.

What brought you to Cherokee?

I heard great things about Cherokee and loved meeting the staff and faculty during my interview. I knew that this was the place for me.

Where have you taught before Cherokee?

I student taught in Madrid, Spain while in school.

Where did you attend college?

I attended Kennesaw State University.

If you could give freshman one piece of advice for high school what would that be?

One piece of advice I would give the freshman class is participate in class; it will help you to understand the content and make class more fun.

Why did you go into the teaching field?

I love students and I love math. I know a lot of students are scared of math or they think they can’t do it, and I am hoping to show you that you can!

Do you enjoy teaching freshman? If so, whats so enjoyable about freshman?

I love teaching freshman! They have a lot of energy and are, for the most part, excited about their futures and what high school is going to be like while it lasts.

Ms. Franzman teaching an Algebra I class.

“Mrs. Franzman is always willing to push us to do better, and never lets us give up. She helps us when its needed and never lets us struggle alone. She is a great teacher, one of my favorites,” said Freshmen, Litzy Wepez.

Ms. Spell added, “Ms. Franzman is an amazing addition to our CHS family.  She is dedicated to helping all of her students with math as well as having an impact on their lives.  There are always students in her classroom working and she is a great roll model for all students.  We are lucky to have her at Cherokee.”

It takes a lot of time and commitment to be a teacher! Appreciate them and thank them daily.

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