The complete article of theatre (abridged)

History may not be everyone’s favorite subject, with many finding it a challenge to make connections with the past, but when you have one of the best actresses in the world, the best playwright, and… that smart guy who invented method acting coming together, well, it can make a history lesson into a wild ride.

Thompson’s play was published in 2017.

Cherokee High School’s Drama Program performed The Complete History of Theatre (Abridged) by Matt Thompson this weekend, and it was quite a show. With its many fourth wall breaks and fun references, it will likely entertain every viewer–from the theater nerd, to those who knows nothing about theatre at all; the audience laughed until they cried.

This show was produced by Dr. Burn’s Advanced Drama Two class who utilized their fourth period class to put this show together. This required two months of preparation, and the hard work was apparent.

The three leads consisted of Sarah Bernhardt (Monica Martinez), William Shakespeare (Matheny Rask), and Constantine Stanislavsky (McKenzie “Mac” Chambers), and they filled the stage with their contrasting personalities. They were a joy to watch.

And while Shakespeare may have given me some attitude (an inside joke), I would gladly see this show over and over again. The show reminds me of why I love theatre so much, from the writing to the acting. Every part of a production is important, and every part of it got to shine in this show.

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