Meet Coach Curtis

One of our goals of The Warrior Word is to highlight new Cherokee High Staff. Cherokee High School is lucky to be able to recruit phenomenal teachers who help bring out the best in students. One of these teachers is Coach Curtis

Coach Curtis serves as football coach for the CHS Warriors and as one of the ISS instructors. He’s a beloved coach, excellent teacher, and positive model to others.

“Coach Curtis is like a role model or a dad to the team and around the school,” said Chase Meyer, quarterback for the Freshmen and JV teams.

“Coach Curtis has two amazing characteristics as a young coach.  He demands excellence from his players all the time.  He never lets up and pushes them to be the best they can daily.  Along with that he builds personal relationships with the players.  He dives into their lives and makes the relationship personal and in turn, the players trust him and he trust them back.  The longer he coaches the more he will grow and his success will be limitless.  I love watching him coach and look forward to seeing the coach he is becoming,” said Coach Harvey.

“Coach Curtis is one of the most dedicated and hard working individuals I have ever met. He cares so much for the students and athletes he interacts with everyday, and will do anything for them. He always has a great attitude and pushes people to be their best. It is a joy to work with him,” said Coach Collins.

We asked Coach Curtis a few questions to help CHS students get to know a little more about our outstanding teacher.

What brought you to Cherokee?

It was a perfect opportunity for me to pursue a career in both teaching and coaching. I am very thankful for Coach Shaw, Mr.Adams and Mr. Miller for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the Cherokee Family.

Where (if any) have you taught (or coached) before?

I was para professional at River Ridge for 2 years. I also worked at Goshen Valley Boys Ranch for four years as a mentor for the boys.

Where did you attend college? Do you have any favorite memories.

I attended Reinhardt University where I graduated with my Sociology degree. I also played football at Reinhardt University. I played running back. I was a 2-time All Conference Running back my junior and senior year. I made All american my senior season.

I hold the record for most touchdowns scored in a game (5) and the most touchdowns scored in a single season (27).

What I miss the most is the camaraderie with my teammates; the brotherhood I had with my teammates was special. There was nothing like going into each game knowing I had a job to do, and my teammates were counting on me.

My most memorable moment outside of football was the day I graduated. That was a very special day for me and my family.

What advice would you give athletes? Students?

My advice to athletes and students, (1 ) always give your best effort on everything you do. (2) Always hold yourself accountable for your actions. (3) surround yourself with positive people.

What kept me motivated growing up and still does to this day were these 2 Scriptures Psalms 37:4 & Philippians 4:13. Not saying it has to be a Scripture. But figure out what motivates you to want to push yourself to be the best possible student or athlete you can be?

Why did you go into teaching?

After I did my internship at Goshen Valley, which was an awesome experience for me. That experience alone really opened up my eyes; it gave me clarity as to what my true calling was. And truly believed that it was mentoring and teaching kids.

What is one thing you wish you knew coming into teaching?

I was a parapro for some great teachers over my three years as a para, so I pretty much learned a lot of important information and guidance from them. But I am sure that it is plenty I still need to learn.

Favorite Food/ Random fact about you (both would be fun)

A well-done steak!

Coach Curtis under the Friday Night Lights during the first home game.

When you see Coach Curtis on the field or in the halls, let him know how much we appreciate him!

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  1. I am so proud of Niagel do your thing and remember to keep God first and wish you the best in the future and remember I am always here. Love you nephew.


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