Homecoming parade celebrates Warriors

By Madison Bowden

Last week Cherokee High celebrated a long-honored tradition – the annual Homecoming Parade. The parade was held on Wednesday, October 2 following the school day. Hundreds attend the event every year to celebrate the heritage of CHS and excitement for the upcoming homecoming celebrations. Everyone who came had a blast and the parade went very smoothly.

The parade left from Cherokee High School’s campus and proceeded into Downtown Canton. The crowd cheered from the sidewalk. as the floats left the campus, halting traffic on Marietta Highway until the floats passed by.

There were 22 floats in the parade as well other other vehicles carrying special guests such as the Homecoming Queen and King and teachers of the year from surrounding schools, along with our own Ms. Galvis- Teacher of the Year for CHS. It lasted about an hour, and by the end, the kids excitedly lining the streets each had a substantial bag of candy.

Freshman Olivia Thomas was in the parade marching with the band. She plays the saxophone.

“It was extremely hot,” said Thomas. “Marching band had to wear long black pants and black dress shoes.”

The high for the day reached 97 degrees according to AccuWeather.

“It was fun to get the candy after the parade. All of the band members were trying to get the pieces off the ground. It was fun!” said Thomas.

On the Friday after the parade, Cherokee High-school held a pep-rally before their homecoming football game. During the pep-rally, it was announced that the FFLA had the best float for the parade. The Cherokee football team came in 2nd and the softball team in 3rd.

Everyone worked super hard on their floats, as they all looked very decorative and fun. Some people brought speakers to put on their floats!

Thank you to everyone who attended this year’s Homecoming Parade. CHS looks forward to next year!

About the author: Madison Bowden is a contributing guest author and freshmen at CHS. She performs for the Cherokee band and is a pitcher with the JV team. She has two cats: Coke and Pepsi.

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