Homecoming spirit shined bright as the Cherokee Warriors took on the Etowah Eagles

On the October 3, the Cherokee Warriors played in their homecoming game but sadly lost 27-24 in overtime. Although it was disappointing, school spirit was still high throughout and after the game.

The crowd was decked out in all pink with signs to taunt the other team, but of course all in good fun. The football players were getting hyped up before the game, with two of the players doing back flips in the middle of the warm up.

Two football players snap off a back flip during warm ups [Source: Alek Pace]

The game started and the game was quickly tied 7-7 and by halftime the Warriors were up 21-7. By the third quarter we were still up 21-13 and fourth quarter ended in a tie at 21-21.

Going into overtime, Luis Mijangos made a field goal to make the score 24-21. Sadly in Etowah’s turn, they were able to get a touchdown. Although this was disappointing, the crowd and the cheerleaders never stopped cheering for their Cherokee Warriors.

We had some good plays and Luis came up big overtime, but we could not get away with the win. Overall the guys played their hearts out and they did great.

Ferny Ruiz, manager of the varisty football team
Luis Mijangos looking out on the field before the last play of the game [Source: Alek Pace]


Cheering along side of the varisty cheerleaders was the JV and Freshmen cheer teams. While the varsity girls kept the student section going on the left side of the field, the JV and Freshmen team got to keep up the hype on the right side. This was also the first time some of the cheerleaders got to cheer on the big field in front of such a large crowd.

Our boys played amazingly and even though they did not win it was fun to hype them up and I am looking forward to next week’s win!

Ashlyn Golden, varsity cheerleader
The JV and Freshmen team working together to keep the crowd excited [Source: Alek Pace]
Ashlyn Golden poses with a thumbs up before the game starts [Source: Alek Pace]


Although our football team lost, our Band of Warriors kept the crowd smiling after the game had ended. This year, the band’s theme is Wizard of Oz. With props like lion and tin man costumes to the yellow brick road, the band stole the show. The long practices the band goes through paid off because the performance had little to no mistakes.

I think the game was so great and I was super excited about it, sad that we lost but it was a good game. I think the band did really well and we had a great run. It was neat to see how we got so much better over the course of the year and I am excited to see where we end up later on!

Mary Stewart Brannam, a member of the Band of Warriors
The band stands waiting for the performance to begin [Source: Alek Pace]

Homecoming Court

The homecoming court this year was great with the crowd roaring with applause after each couple walked to the front of the field. Everyone looked stunning, with handmade dresses to bedazzled shoes strutting through the color guard waving their flags.

This year’s homecoming king was Michael Garcia and the homecoming queen was Morgan Guion. They are both seniors here at Cherokee and were ecstatic to be receiving their crowns.

Michael Garcia smiling as he receives his crown from the homecoming queen of 2018, Charlotte Starosciak [Source: Alek Pace]
Morgan Guion posing for the camera after winning homecoming queen [Source: Alek Pace]

Even though we did not get the result we wanted in the football game, every year the homecoming game brings students together to cheer for their team and friends nominated for court. It also brings in much appreciation for the band and cheerleaders who work tirelessly to keep the crowd riled up.

Thanks to all the Warriors who made the homecoming game a memorable one.

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