CHS’s softball teams: a home-run season

by Madison Bowden

CHS’ Lady Warriors won their first round of playoffs in yesterday’s double-header home games against Westlake pushing them further into the playoffs. Following right behind Varsity’s success, the JV softball team ended their 2019 season on a high note as well coming in 2nd place in the county tournament! 

The Lady Warriors varsity team stands at No 7- ranked in the Class AAAAAAA division.

“Five of the six county schools will be represented in this year’s softball state playoffs and four teams will host first-round playoff series starting on Tuesday night,” reported Patrick O’Shea with the Cherokee Tribune.

Before the season ended, both the Varsity and JV team had an abundance of wins. Varsity currently has 20 wins and 7 losses this season. JV had 11 wins and 6 losses. Your Cherokee softball teams are crushing it!  

Cherokee Varsity Softball teams head to playoffs with recent victories. [Photo Credit: Twitter @chsfastpitch]

During the season, the Varsity and Junior Varsity girls had multiple special themed home games.  One was Teacher Appreciation Night. Both teams had an opportunity to invite one of their teachers to come to the field for Teacher Appreciation Night. The teachers were given gifts from the players and the had an opportunity to stay for the game afterwards.

The Strikeout Cancer game was a success, as both JV and Varsity won against Woodstock. For every strikeout made in the game, the sponsors of Warriors Softball gave money to the American Cancer Society. See photos from this game in the slideshow below contributed by Coach Carlisle.

Also, the seniors had a night to themselves as the softball organization honored them at Senior Night. It was an emotional night for the players, coaches, their family, and friends. The players, parents, and coaches wrote letters that they read over the loudspeaker as each senior was announced.

Both teams have had successful seasons. Varsity became the Region 4-7A Champions on 10/1.

About the author: Madison Bowden is a contributing guest author and freshmen at CHS. She performs for the Cherokee band and is a pitcher with the JV team. She has two cats: Coke and Pepsi.


  1. Wow, it’s so good to see young women give their time, talents and spirit to such a great sport!
    Thanks for the great write up to cap the season!!


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