Cherokee Homecoming throughout the years: Seventies

On our journey to learn more about previous Cherokee homecomings, we went to our next stop, the 1970s. For this we went to Cherokee High School yearbook of 1974-75.

Styles were changing from casual sundresses and khakis to the hippie era, which we can see throughout the yearbook. Unlike the 1950s and 1960s, more diversity was entering the school and school spirit was booming.

Photos of many different floats of the parade were on this page. The floats were dedicated to the theme of “nostalgia” which included costumes and intricate float designs [Source: The Sequoyah 1974-75]
Image preview
The Cherokee Warrior game did not go as well as they hoped and they were defeated by North Cobb Warriors. But team spirit shone through with the cheerleaders and band still working hard [Source: The Sequoyah 1974-75]
Image preview
More examples of school spirit shown by students in warrior outfits and even a palm reader in the top right corner [Source: The Sequoyah 1974-75]
One page was dedicated to the king and queen. Cathy Brigham won homecoming queen and many photos of her were placed on the side [Source: The Sequoyah 1974-75]
Image preview
Brian Wallace was the homecoming king this year. Photos were placed on the side of him to, doing actions like playing an instrument and writing [Source: The Sequoyah 1974-75]

News from the 1970s

  • The Beatles announced that they had disbanded
  • U.S. voting age is brought down from 21 years old to 18 after the 26th amendment is ratified
  • HBO, the first U.S. cable subscription service, is introduced
  • Belize and the Bahamas gain independence form the United Kingdom
  • World population just hit an estimated four billion
  • Vietnam War ends in 1975
  • Bill Gates and Paul Allen create Microsoft
  • Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak create Apple 
  • Panama gains back control of the Panama Canal from the United States
  • First Garfield strip is posted in the newspapers
  • Sony comes out with the walkman
  • Michael Jackson releases his debut solo album “Off the Wall”

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