Cherokee Homecoming throughout the years: eat my shorts eighties

Ronald Reagan, big bangs–big hair, countless cans of hairspray, ET, Star Wars, and Ghostbusters, Michael Jackson and Madonna–from the hippies to the preppies–the 80s were alive at CHS.

While diving through decades to cover previous homecomings, the 80s couldn’t be missed.

The fashion such as big hair, pencil dresses and skirts, and big princess dresses could be found at the CHS Homecoming in the 80s. We dove in to a yearbook from 1983.

As shown below:

The eighties were known for punk rock like Green Day, The Offspring, and Nirvana. Big hair was a huge thing in the 80s, literally…. huge. Fashion was spandex, leg warmers, high-waisted jeans and neon colors.

If you were a CHS student in the 80s, what do you remember most?

Things that happen in the 80’s were things such as:

  • 1980: John Lennon, a former Beatle, was killed
  • 1981: Ronald Reagan became president, and there was an assassination attempt on him
  • 1982: Micheal Jackson releases Thriller Album
  • 1983: The average price of a new house was 82,600 dollars
  • 1984: Purple Rain (the film and album) by Prince was released and it was a hit
  • 1985: Coca Cola Company introduces New Coke
  • 1986: Chernobyl plant exploded
  • 1987: Ronald Reagan challenges Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall
  • 1988: George W. Bush is elected as the 41st president
  • 1989: The Galileo Spacecraft is launched by NASA in October

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