Cherokee’s Homecoming throughout the years: the Fabulous Fifties

Cherokee High School was founded in 1956, and homecoming quickly became a lasting tradition. We looked at old yearbooks to find pictures of Cherokee’s past homecoming festivities. Cherokee’s yearbook from 1957 highlights the homecoming game.

Cherokee’s yearbook from 1957. [Source: The Sequoyah 1957]

Based off the pictures found in the yearbook from 1957, we can assume that homecoming mostly revolved around the football game. Thankfully, Cherokee’s football team defeated Murray County with a score of 18 to 6. A homecoming queen and court were also voted, but there are no men included in any of those photos.

Cherokee’s homecoming queen and court in 1957. [Source: The Sequoyah 1957]
Pictures from the homecoming game and the crowning of homecoming queen.
[Source: The Sequoyah 1957]

Other notable events in 1957:

  • When CHS opened in 1956, the first faculty consisted of 34 teachers, one principal, and 821 students.
  • A gallon of gas cost 24 cents
  • 1957 was the peak Baby Boomer year
  • Elvis Presley purchases a mansion in Memphis, Tennessee and calls it Graceland
  • Wham-O releases the first Frisbee toys for sale
  • Toyota starts selling cars in the US, the first is the Toyopet Crown

Overall, homecoming has definitely evolved since the beginning of this tradition in the 1950s.


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