First football win of the year!

Stands were packed for the first home game of 2019.

Triumphantly, Cherokee came on top winning the inaugural home game! Cherokee killed it with an ending score of 29-14 against North Forsyth. Although the sweat-inducing humidity was suffocating, the Friday night lights still brought everyone alive! Crowds cheered in support the entire game. Before news on future games, let’s not forget the magic of the first night.

View from the student section.

Upon arriving to the high school, many would agree there was something special about this night. Cars packed every available space, if one was to be had, while JROTC members brilliantly fit in even more like a complicated jigsaw puzzle at the speed that rivaled Chic-Fil-As drive-thru lines. Groups huddled together in long lines from the lots to the gate eagerly chatting about the season to come.

CHS staff rallied around this game with their presence.

Ms. Pannell worked the front gate taking money, Mr. Sosebee monitored the gates, and Ms. Spell and other faculty and admin greeted guests and students upon arrival. Dr. Wright greeted students and parents around the student sections and bleachers. Coach Adams and Mr. Miller beamed with excitement on the sidelines rallying the players, cheerleaders, student managers, and others. Mr. Ingham served on the student end zone monitoring the action and adding to the students’ excitement with high fives and conversation. Mr. Howell was zooming here and there in his signature cadillac (golf cart).

Although everyone was excited, there were mixed student impressions at the outset of the game. Two students walking in could be overheard saying, “It’d be a miracle if we actually win this game.”

With every take out of the other team, and every score, the crowd cheered the team on!

Cherokee’s defense and special teams led the way for the game in the first quarter. The Raiders were crushed by the Warriors throughout the first quarter. From Alonzo Upshaw pinning them inside their own 2-yard line and T.J. Parks barreling through the offensive line, giving the Warriors the advantage.

After North Forsyth scored in the second half, Cherokee responded by pushing the Warriors to a score of 23-8. Quarterback A.J. Swan found Landon Ergle and he sprinted 74 yards to the end zone, and landed the team a touchdown.

North Forsyth scored again, and Cherokee’s offense struck right back with another touchdown. Adarrius Harshaw took the end around 74 yards which brought the team more points.

With each touchdown, the crowd erupted in a roar, especially the student section. Everyone was going wild and screaming; cheering and jumping in the air.

In addition to the victorious game, the halftime Wizard of Oz-themed show, “The Long Road Home, by the Band of Warriors under the direction of Mr. Cheyne and Mr. Worely, was one of the biggest highlights of the night and a show stopping performance.

CHS color guard dressed in Dorothy-themed gingham dresses.
The band section kept the spirit going with their pep set list.

The Band of Warriors have been preparing for this show since at least July 17 (some two days before that) at band camp that began each day at 8am and concluded at 8pm. The show features music from The Wizard of Oz, Dvořák’s “New World Symphony,” Grieg’s “In the Hall of the Mountain King,” and Skylar Grey’s “Coming Home.” The colorguard wore Dorothy-themed gingham dresses.

Senior, Hali Coombs, noted

“The show’s opener was magical. The music from Wizard of Oz and Fantasia was such a beautiful mix that really brought you into Dorothy’s world.”

Hali Coombs

I was in the student section, which consisted of people throwing baby powder in the air and hitting alien balloons like beach balls. The home section was themed after Area 51 (as reported in our previous article), so everyone was spaced out in galaxy glitter and many metallic motifs.

After this victory, school spirit is especially strong.

Junior, Parker Modica, said “I actually thought we would do really well. We had a strong rising freshmen group this year. It was really cool we won.”

Junior, Kayla Pimpleton, said “I was really optimistic we were going to win. I feel good about this season.”

This Friday, Warriors face rival, Sequoyah, this Friday at 7:30 at Sequoyah. This game draws added excitement with WSBTV’s recognition as “Game of the Week.”

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