The Lion King 2019

Beyonce embodies the idea of feminine power. [Image Credit: Disney]

The Lion King got it all wrong, females rule the pride.

The release of Disney’s live action remake of The Lion King this July was a long-awaited event in the line of Disney’s live action remakes. Anticipation was high considering the animated film in 1994 was one of the best-performing, highest grossing animated Disney films of all time behind Frozen (1) and Incredibles 2 (2). The 2019 film was directed by Jon Favreau and stars the talents of Donald Glover (Simba), Beyoncé (Nala), Seth Rogen (Pumba), and Chiwetel Ejiofor (Scar).

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[Photo Credit: MaxeBaumannFilms2013]

The film, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet as is the animated version, received mixed reviews. The film has received praise and critique, but one of the hardest challenges was just getting out from behind the spotlight of the original. Rotten Tomatoes awarded the 1994 film with a 93% on the Tomatometer–no easy accomplishment–but the live action remake only scored a 53%.

However, both convey the pride lands in the wrong way. It’s not the King that rules the pride. Females rule.

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[Photo Credit: National Geographic]

Statistically A lion pride is “all females all the time” as National Geographic phrases it. They catch most of the food and they guard the territory from intruders—mostly other females that live nearby looking to expand their own territories. That’s right. Territory expansion is often controlled by females, not a vengeful, jealous brother.  

Typically, a pride really has only three males (which we see in The Lion King), among a dozen females, but the females take the more dominant role if comparable to the roles typically designated in American society.

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[Photo Credit: Disney]

In real life, Simba’s mom would be running the pride. Females are the core. The heart and soul of the pride. The males come and go. Males are actually cast out to limit the number in one pride and prevent in-breeding/aggression.

I think Disney could have done better bringing the original film to life by both providing more authority to the females and restoring the original animated story. They took out too many parts and changed too much from the original film. If I was a movie editor, I would have kept the story line and certain other details the same with today’s digital enhancements.

Viewers won’t hear the classic lines and sayings from the original.  My whole family and I have the same thoughts of this film; it just wasn’t the best it could’ve been. On the other hand, Aladdin was awesome.  

If you are a true Disney fan, you would know there were very few minor changes from the original film.

The Female pride embodies the unfrighteness of a feminine guard of not backing down. (Image Credit: themojjo)

What the critics say

Critics are saying…

 “The great circle of life has thrown up a gorgeous, star-studded story, but trading feeling for realism means that we lose something of the original film’s excellence.” 


“With its impressive visuals and well-cast voice ensemble, this remake is charming but darker and more Shakespearean than the original.’ 

Common Sense Media

“Disney’s The Lion King feels like an unusually good nature documentary. Is that what we wanted?”

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What are your opinions? How do you feel about the new line of Disney remakes? Are you planning to see Lady and the Tramp or Mulan planned for the near future?  Speak on it. I hope that Disney makes their next live action remake more true to the beloved original. One consideration is that this particular movie had very high expectations going in, and was sure to disappoint many just for not being the original. Good luck, Disney, better luck next time.

 Shout out to Beyonce, who run the world? GIRLS!!!!!

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