CHS mastery band achieves all Superiors at LGPE

The Cherokee High School mastery band took their talent to the annual Large Group Performance Evaluation (LGPE) and came out with Superior scores in every category, the highest possible scores within their level.

The mastery band, CHS’s most advanced band class, has been practicing and perfecting their three pieces over the last few months. From early morning practices an hour before school each week, to part-by-part drilling and individual practice outside of the school, the massive effort showed.

The mastery band was the final band to perform in the evening, and were evaluated based on their performance skills and sight-reading abilities, or being able to perform a piece of music only a few minutes after reading it. While several of the band members were hesitant about their sight-reading performance, the judges thought otherwise and awarded high marks to the band.

Above: Clarinet players Megan McBride and Belle Stills onstage at the Falany Performing Arts Center, ready to wow the judges.

The band kicked off the night with a loud, bustling piece entitled “Soaring Eagle”, by Karl King. A cheery, marching tune, this piece featured dramatic dynamic changes and rising and falling scales. This piece was an audience favorite.

The second piece of the night, “Yosemite Autumn” by Mark Camphouse, was the longest piece. This piece featured many various solos from students such as Name, Name, and Megan McBride. The sweeping melody rose and fell, with a steady climax built up from the percussion section, and leaving the audience with chills.

The final piece was “Magnolia Star” by Steve Danyew, a rushed, action-movie-type theme full of trills, a pumping low brass, and the deep rumble of the timpani drum. This piece remained quickly paced all throughout, and the band members kept a steady count by nodding their heads or bouncing their legs. The instruments wove in and out of unison and harmony, ending on a good note.

We do LGPE to prove to ourselves we can do it, that we can wow the judges and accomplish what we’ve worked so hard for… LGPE is important to the band because it gives us motivation to reach our full potential.

– Belle Stills, CHS Junior and clarinet player

Now that LGPE is over, the CHS band is now preparing for their spring end-of-the-year concert, which will be held at the Cherokee Auditorium in May. Congratulations Warriors!

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