Let’s chat! Will the Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber drama ever end?!

It seems the Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber feud has been brewing since the Biebers became engaged back in 2018. Well, when Hailey posted a shady TikTok in response to Selena’s weight gain, Selena’s fans were quick to call her out, relighting the fire. Now, Kylie Jenner is involved? What exactly happened? Let’s talk about it!

[Photo Credit: Glamour and LA Times]

If you don’t know, Selena Gomez, former child star now Instagram Influencer, had a very messy relationship with Justin Bieber in the 2010s. At the time, it was the breakup of the decade. Fans were incredibly upset their favorite couple parted ways on pretty rough terms. In fact, not much time had passed when Justin announced his engagement to the model Hailey Baldwin, and people took to Twitter to ridicule Hailey for being the reason the young couple would never get back together.

Ever since, Selena and Hailey have engaged in subtle shady social media presence, but quickly the bantering became one sided. To put it simply, Selena grew up and moved on from the relationship she had a decade prior, but fans speculate Hailey may still be holding onto some resentment.

In a now deleted TikTok Hailey dances to an audio that could potentially be thought to criticize Selena’s recent weight gain. While many supporters are willing to give Hailey the benefit of the doubt, most people believe she’s taken things too far.

Only adding to the drama, Kylie Jenner made a shady post about the way Selena does her eyebrows. What makes the situation even more odd is that Selena had already disclosed her messy eyebrows was an accident, and took the opportunity to laugh at herself.

With “selena and hailey” having been trending on Twitter for multiple days now, we decided to take this hot topic to the halls of CHS, and ask the student body what they think about the situation.

Whose side are you on? Team Selena or Team Hailey.

Not only are most students totally informed about the subject, but it seems everyone is on Team Selena. Perhaps there may be some bias do to Selena Gomez being one of Gen Z’s favorite child starts for her role in the Disney Channel Sitcom, Wizards of Waverly Place, or even due to the colossal effect “Jelena” had on teens at the time.

Only Hailey is on Team Hailey. Selena all the way!

Makenzie Bird, Junior


Ashlynn Davis

Selena Gomez is a legend. She’s an icon. Hailey Bieber is a dollar tree looking, wannabe who thinks she’s all that when most people had never heard of her before she married Justin.

Dani Lucas, Senior

Selena all the way.

Stefan Hanson, Senior

Selena. I haven’t seen a single TikTok backing Hailey and that says all it needs to.

Melody Parton, Senior

Overall, most people agree Hailey and Kylie were out of line to cyberbully Selena totally unprompted. In fact, I couldn’t get any quotes to defend Hailey, even her few supporters on the internet are finding it hard to make excuses.

“Kill them with kindness”

Selena Gomez

The whole situation is very messy. Of course, none of these posts can be confirmed hate towards Selena because they do not directly address her. However, the connection is hard to ignore. This obvious bullying has rightfully ended with Kylie Jenner losing nearly a million Instagram followers, according to Social Blade.

These mean girls truly stepped out of line when making these posts, but Selena showed her true self respect by holding her head high and ignoring the hate, proving she truly is the bigger person. Her perseverance has rewarded her with nearly 10 million followers, regaining her throne as most followed female influencer.

The Warrior Word encourages all readers to be a little more like Selena and tackle their battles with kindness, for it obviously pays off in the end.

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