Girls! They run the world: Cherokee’s new Women in STEM club

The Women in STEM club only began this year, and is already one of Cherokee’s most popular, efficient, and successful clubs.

In order to support girls and women who want to pursue a STEM career, Summer McRoy, Kayley Owens, and Madison Smith took the initiative to form the Women in STEM club, paired with Mrs. Pangburn. The club is led by the three founders (all seniors) and hosts meetings every other Wednesday where any female student can come and learn about different STEM fields of interest, listen to outside guest speakers, prepare for college applications, and meet others with similar interests.

The club has around 16 active members who all take different interests in one of the four STEM categories: science, technology, engineering, and math. Many of the members are interested in genetics or medical care, but some meetings also covered topics like basics of coding, SPROUTS training, and real-world application.

My favorite part of the STEM is the collaboration. Talking about discoveries is how they become relevant and incorporated into the world around us.

– Kayley Owens, senior and club founder

There is no application to join the club, so all female students are welcome. Additionally, dues are optional but recommended to purchase one of the club shirts, designed and voted on by club members.

Above: The club organized a SPROUTS training for volunteer opportunities. Pictured are Mya Lavender, Noelle Richardson, Sarah Pfanstiel, and Lilly Graves (all juniors).

Cherokee is a STEM-based school, with several advanced placement options for math and science fields. Additionally, several of the schools that feed into Cherokee are registered STEM schools (such as Joseph Knox Elementary). Women in STEM promotes female students that want to head into this field, and gives students a chance to collaborate and hear from other voices with similar interests.

I joined Women in STEM because I love meeting with other girls who share a passion for science like I do. I want to go into the medical field and this club is a great opportunity to inspire me.

– Claire Green, club member

While there is a good mix of males and females in advanced STEM classes, they are still male-dominated classes. Male students outnumber female students 3:2 in the AP Physics Mechanics class, so the Women in STEM club brings together the female students in these classes (and STEM classes of any level).

Students can support the club by joining, purchasing shirts to raise funding, or following the WIS Instagram account, @chs.wis.

The Women in STEM club has had one of the most successful club debuts in Cherokee history, with hopefully more successful years to come!

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