Winter, spring, summer, Gilmore Girls: The 2000s show makes a fall comeback

A throwback TV series is rising in popularity as the autumn season approaches: Gilmore Girls, a show from the early 2000’s. Like the renowned sitcom Friends, Gilmore Girls is coming back to screens around America, but particularly in the fall.

The show revolves around a single mother, Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) and her only daughter, Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel). Viewers follow the mother-daughter duo throughout seven years of their life, including Rory’s trek into college and Lorelai’s business pursuits in their small Connecticut town, Stars Hollow. The two watch friendships, romance, and family bonds flow in and out of their life, but at the end of the day, Rory and Lorelai have each other.

One of the allures to the show is the small town setting of Stars Hollow. [Photo credit: Matador Network]

However, every fall season the show reaches its peak in popularity. Viewers (dominantly female) around the country start the iconic show every fall or just watch the most autumn-core episodes there are.

Just in time for school

As many lifestyle influencers declare, Gilmore Girls romanticizes school through Rory’s constant studying, reading, and attending chic private schools and Yale University.

Because school starts in the autumn, viewers trend toward high school and college drama shows where they can relate to another character pushing for good grades. Rory Gilmore’s academic drive is also a source of inspiration to study and get ahead in class.

Paris Geller (Liza Weil) and Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) in a school bookstore, getting prepared for the upcoming year. [Photo credit: Gilmore Girls Wiki]

Autumn origins

Oct. 5, 2000 marks the pilot episode launch for Gilmore Girls. Each season was released during fall and ended in spring, leaving summer as time for filming. Viewers can start the show with the fall setting already present.

“Sweater season” timeline

Finally, the show’s majority takes place during autumn and winter. Summer is completely skipped and the springtime is usually spent closing up the show, whereas during the bulk of the show, the characters sport 2000’s-true sweaters and coats.

Additionally, the settings itself seems to rest in a constant state of autumn and winter. The town always participates in seasonal activities, including the annual autumn festival, celebrating the first snow of the season, and town-wide invites to a feast and carriage rides at Lorelai’s inn. When celebrating, Stars Hollow pulls out all the stops.

Even the opening image of the theme song presents lush autumn trees. [Photo credit: TV History]

Gilmore Girls can be streamed through Netflix or purchased on Apple TV for your autumn viewing. Or, to be true to the 2000’s, pull out those old DVDs and enjoy the Gilmore mother-daughter pair as they journey through the course of the season.

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