The Senior Sunrise sparks a new tradition for CHS

Friday, Aug. 12, student government hosted a senior sunrise to bring the class closer together and kick off the new school year.

Seniors Ashley Lyen, Catherine Butterworth, Elle Kenny, and Ansley Gulledge successfully arranged the event, crafting a meaningful memory CHS students will one day (years from now) remember while reminiscing on their high school years.

Unfortunately, the sky was overcast and aside from the pleasant hue of blue peaking through the clouds, the sky was quite dreary. Despite the disappointing sunrise, the senior class took the opportunity to turn the misfortune into a joke.

The sunrise was beautiful! Lots of colors like blues, grays and whites.

Rachel Tew

It was serene. Majestic.

Kayley Owens

Wait, is it happening right now?

Zack Barrett

Way to stay positive, Warriors!

The PTA and student government teachers also played a huge role in pulling off this event. These lovely ladies helped pass out biscuits (graciously supplied by Family Traditions) and Dunkin Donuts. There was also an opportunity to win a Cheeseburger Bobby’s gift card. Students entered to win by writing a letter to their future selves, a letter they will revisit at graduation practice.

Seniors pose for a group picture in front of the creative banners, designed by Student Government. What a turn-out!

While the sunrise itself may have been underwhelming, the memories made between friend groups and the student body as a whole were spectacular.

I loved getting to chill with my friends in the cool morning weather.

Sarah Bell

It’s a good time for us all to get together and see each other before we graduate and go our separate ways.

Tori Cote

Everyone had so much fun. The clouds were amazing! There was a brisket?

Jaedyn Elder

Today means making memories that will last a lifetime.

Gracie Scroggs

While everyone had fun, a looming thought subtly left a haze over Black Lot: this is the beginning of the end. As we prepare for whatever happens next, moments like these are scarce, and there are only so many more sunrises left before we graduate.

So let’s make the most of it, Warriors!

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