Staff Spotlight: Rachel Hobbs

Ms. Hobbs may have grown up thinking she was not going to be a teacher, but she could not be any more thrilled to be teaching today. Because she has a huge love of reading and writing, being the Honors Ninth Grade Literature/Composition teacher is a perfect role for her.

Ms. Hobbs is a great Lit. Comp teacher! The discussions we have in class are always so engaging, and she’s always super helpful with making sure we know the expectations for notes and how to end the class with a good grade.

Amelia Buhl, Freshman

Ms. Hobbs has been a beloved teacher for all seven years she has been at Cherokee High School. Before teaching here, she taught at Sequoyah High School. She enjoys the amount of diversity we have at this school and the way we embrace all the different cultures that come through the school each and every day.

Ms. Hobbs sitting at her desk working.

Communication is one thing that Ms. Hobbs wished we would improve on at this school. She feels that if people did not get so busy, more communication between students, parents, teachers and administrators would be very helpful. Ms. Hobbs wishes more teachers could be hired to implement smaller classes, which would allow more one-on-one time for students.

Teaching was once not her ideal career, but Ms. Hobbs had some teachers who saw her potential. Whenever she was feeling down, she would always have a teacher to bring her out of her slumps. She wanted to make the same marvelous impact that her teachers had on her many years ago.

Although Ms. Hobbs teaches English and has always loved the subject, she originally wanted to teach art. Even so, she truly enjoys teaching English and feels like she enjoys it much more than if she had ended up being an art teacher.

I wanted to do art originally, but there are not as many jobs teaching art, and my real passion was reading and writing.

Ms. Hobbs
A photo of one of Ms. Hobbs many favorite books, “Fahrenheit 451”.

Ms. Hobbs loves to read, just as most English and literature teachers do. She has so many favorite literature compositions, but “Fahrenheit 451” is one of her top picks; in an interview, she stated that it’s definitely her favorite book that she teaches.

Outside of school, Ms. Hobbs loves to be in nature; she loves almost every activity that there is to do. The only type of outside activity she does not like is roughing it up and playing sports. She likes the satisfying, cozy side of being outside with people with whom she is close.

Ms. Hobbs is a marvelous teacher and has made an exceptional impact on all of her students. Cherokee High School is lucky to have a teacher who has such enthusiasm for what she teaches.

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