Brain Chips?

Neuralink is a company founded by Elon Musk in 2016; they are developing implantable brain-machine interfaces. The company’s “brain-chips” are being developed with the desire to help people with disorders of the brain. The chips can also be used to connect to and control devices such as a phone or mouse. This could be used to help people who suffer from paralysis. Neuralink states, “This technology has the potential to treat a wide range of neurological disorders;” this shows that their primary focus is to help people.

This image shows the surgery of the procedure, and is provided by the official Neuralink website.

Other BMIs use deep brain stimulation or DBS. This can be used to help with Parkinson’s Disease; however, they cannot transfer information to and from the brain. DBS uses fewer threads to connect to the brain and much bigger ones at that. DBS threads only have around 4-8 electrodes and are about 800 times larger.

The Neuralink has 1024 channels of information to the brain-each channel can detect spikes in real time. All of the data that the Neuralink detects will be sent to a device wirelessly.

What does it help?

Neuralink can be applied to help many people around the world who suffer from different diseases, such as motor or sensory disorders. People who suffer from quadriplegia could also be helped by the Neuralink.

This image was provided by the official Neuralink website and shows the location of the implant from the lateral veiw.

Economic side

According to Crunchbase, Neuralink has raised over 363 million dollars, and its leading founders are Elon Musk, Giga Fund and Mirza Canada. According to PrivCo the company is estimated to be worth $500M to $1B.

According to Elon Musk, the initial cost of the implant is estimated to be around $10M to $20M.

Image provided by the IBRO

While many people might be thinking of a dystopian cybertronic future of people looking like cyborgs, the Neuralink chip might bring a ray of hope for those who suffer from a serious disorder.

These chips could help many people throughout the world. img

Elon Musk is providing a bright future for us all; this is one step in a series of steps that could better the future of mankind. This is the future of medicine and could help so many people across the globe.

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