Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Eller

Here at Cherokee High School, we love to shout out our beloved staff members.

Mrs. Eller has been teaching at CHS for a little over twenty years. She teaches Tenth Grade Honors Multicultural Literature.

The way Mrs. Eller teaches makes the time go by so fast, and she tells the stories in such a fun way.

Grace McPherson, Sophomore
Mrs. Eller and her husband pose for a picture in their Star Wars attire.

Mrs. Eller is probably my favorite teacher I have this year. I always look forward to coming to her class because she knows how to make class fun and interesting.

Makenzie Bird, Sophomore

We asked Mrs. Eller a few questions about her years teaching here at Cherokee and how she got here.

What brought you to Cherokee?

Canton is my home, and I was lucky enough to get a job here a little over twenty years ago.

Where have you taught before?

I’m a Warrior through and through and have only taught at CHS.

Where did you attend college? Do you have any favorite memories?

University of Georgia. Go Dawgs!!!! My absolute favorite professor at UGA was an Old English professor, and I took four classes with him.

What advice would you give students? Athletes?

Try to enjoy every moment of the high school experience. Learn some life lessons now, so the future isn’t as hard. Always be yourselves!

What is your favorite food and a random fact about you?

I’m a big-time pizza lover- it’s my guilty pleasure. Random fact- I’ve jumped out of a couple of perfectly fine airplanes, and I played ultimate frisbee for UGA.

Why did you go into teaching?

I was inspired by my favorite professor at UGA.

What is one thing you wish you knew coming into teaching?

Early on, time management was an issue, but over the years, I’ve worked on that.

What is one thing you believe Cherokee could improve on and one thing we are doing well?

I love Cherokee. It’s my second family. I do wish we had covered walkways between main and north, so you guys don’t get so drenched when it rains.

Through her years teaching here, Mrs. Eller has touched hundreds of students’ lives, and she will continue to touch more in her upcoming years.

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