Rookie Writer Spotlight: Lorelei Sheldon

Ever since she was little, freshman Lorelei Sheldon has been twirling her way through life as a company, competition, and performance dancer. On top of her busy schedule, Lorelei joined the Journalism staff as a first-year writer for the Warrior Word. Her other hobbies include drawing and doing long division!

Knowing that you love to dance, when did you start, and where do you dance?

I started when I was about two, mainly doing summer camps. I started at the studio I am currently at when I was 5 years old. I am at Dance and Music Academy, and I have found that place to be my home.

Lorelei Sheldon

Are you planning on joining any clubs at CHS this year?

Probably not, since I do dance Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I would join Newspaper Club if it was offered on a Monday or Friday! I wish they had a dance team here.

Lorelei Sheldon

What was your first day of school experience, given that you are a freshman?

I found it quite exhilarating! I loved it! I did not get lost the first day, surprisingly. I did get lost the second day. I probably would have gotten lost the first day if I didn’t run through my schedule, because I go back and forth between North and Main all day.

Lorelei Sheldon

Are you planning on going to college, and if you are, what are you planning on majoring in?

Actually, I am not planning on going to college. I want to become a dancer on a cruise ship first, then probably a sign language interpreter. I would have to go to college for that, though.

Lorelei Sheldon

What is your favorite dance story?

I am clumsy! People say that I am so graceful on stage, but not in this story! It was last May during a recital, and my point shoe came off! I had no arch or calf support, but I still danced!

Lorelei Sheldon

What are your favorite things about school?

I like math! I like cladograms also, which we did this past week in science. They are so fun to make!

Lorelei Sheldon

Welcome to the Warrior Word, Lorelei! We can’t wait to see where your high school and dance career takes you!

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