Goodbye newspaper, hello college

Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye. It’s especially hard to say goodbye to the important things in your life. Back in May, I had to say goodbye to not only high school, but also to the newspaper club.

My Experience in Newspaper Club:

The club was first introduced to me when I was assigned to interview Mrs. Teasley and her students for my audio and video news class in the 2019-20 school year. After hearing from them, I was intrigued by the students and their writing right away.

I got some information from Mrs. Teasley and ended up joining the club. I was in Newspaper Club for a year, not counting the mandated quarantine in the spring of 2020. During that year in newspaper, I learned a lot about my writing style and improved on some concepts I struggled with.

The Benefits:

There are many benefits to joining the Newspaper Club:

  • Club participation looks great on college applications.
  • Improve writing and photography skills.
  • Learn AP style and how to write for online publication.
  • Exchange great ideas with others.
  • Write for the newspaper without committing to the full class (open-topic)

I met some friends from joining the club. Overall, it was a great club to be a part of and highly recommended for students to pursue if they want to share their voice on any number of topics. I can’t be more thankful enough for the club, my friends in the club, and Mrs. Teasley’s direction of the club.

I will miss everything about the club while away at college. However, the club will always be in my memories. Hopefully, more students can benefit from this opportunity in the future.

My Future Plans After High School:

My plans are to attend Chattahoochee Tech. I am working towards an associates degree in Early Childhood education. I’m hoping when I transfer to a university, that I can join another newspaper club to continue my passion for writing.

Thank you newspaper club for everything, Signing off.

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