What is macrophotography? The art of detailed images

Macrophotography, or photo-macrograph, is extreme close-up photography. These photos usually capture close ups of details that might not be seen by the naked eye. These photos can range up to the grooves of someone’s fingerprint or the fuzzy details of an ant’s antenna.

The first and most famous use of microphotography is by Percy Smith, a nature documentarist. In the early 1900’s, he began taking close up images of insects to capture their faces and unique features that went unseen.

On the Warrior Word Twitter page, we did a poll of what type of photography we should center around for some photos, with 50% of voters choosing macrophotography. The following are examples of macro photography taken to demonstrate this process (scroll through the photos to see the increased magnification).

The macro lens shows the intricate details of the iris [Photo Source: Alek Pace]
All the veins of the dried up leaf become more apparent with lens zoom in filter [Photo Source: Alek Pace]
The macro lens gives an opposite fish lens effect, with the middle of the photo being less zoomed out rather than vice versa [Photo Source: Alek Pace]

Macro lenses are now commonly available for cell phone cameras with some even being found at locations like Five Below for $5. This will provide student photographers with more accessibility to refine their skills.

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