A new Star Wars series is set to premiere May 4th, Star Wars Day

“The Bad Batch”, a new Star Wars animated series, will premiere on Disney+ on “May the 4th,” International Star Wars Day. The storyline is centered around a group of genetic mutated Clones of the Clone Force 99’s journey through the galaxy, centered around the aftermath of the Revenge of the Sith/Order 66. The band of clones are featured in Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ final season.

May the 4th has been a day to celebrate the Star Wars stories produced into movies, books, or TV shows since the first film in the Skywalker Saga released in May of 1977. While it is not an official holiday, Star Wars fans choose May the 4th to represent Star Wars day because the iconic line “May the force be with you” sounds similar to the words of the date.

In 2012, Disney claimed the rights of Lucasfilm. A year later, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a series that took place after the events of The Clone Wars and before The Revenge of the Sith movies, took a long break from producing at the end of their 6th season in 2014. In 2018, Disney announced the rebooting of the Clone Wars series’ 7th season with a trailer and the hashtag #CLONEWARSSAVED. The first episode of the season premiered on February 21st, 2020 and the last episode aired on the May 4th of last year, Star Wars Day.

More and more photos and trailers are being released as the date of the premier nears. Click here to watch the most recent trailer of The Bad Batch.

The Bad Batch is one of many Star Wars series that will premier in the near future on Disney +. If this doesn’t convince you to subscribe to Disney +, I don’t know what will!

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