Staff spotlight: Profe Coury

Profe Coury, referred to as Profe by his students, is one of Cherokee’s most dynamic and animated teachers. He came to Cherokee in 2016 and teaches the Honors Spanish 2 class. He also is in charge of Cherokee’s Game Club. This week, Profe is also the topic of our staff spotlight.

He’s really laidback and funny, and he actually has a way of teaching that makes it feel like you aren’t forced to learn anything until you just know the material. He’s my favorite teacher and I’m so happy I got to have him.

Grace McPherson, freshman

Profe is widely known as a great teacher. He comes up with original and creative mnemonic devices to help his students remember verbs and vocab, owns a classroom basketball hoop for class review games, and truly gets to know his students. He also comes up with creative projects that students enjoy.

Profe is also well-known for his rivalry with one of the Honors 9th Lit teachers, Mr. Williams. Occasionally, one of Profe’s classes have flash mobbed Mr. Williams with Spanish songs and instrumental accompaniment from Profe, playing instruments from the accordion to the melodica, and the students on band instruments or maracas.

Profe’s second period flash mobbed Mr. Williams’s class in December with “Deck the Halls” in Spanish. From left to right: Owen Garity, Nick Whyte, Hayden Roberson, and Profe himself. [Photo credit: Belle Stills]

I think Profe is a decent teacher, but I also think he’s a terrible human being, and that kind of outweighs the fact that he’s an okay teacher in my book.

Mr. Williams

Profe also has a bulletin board of photos with him and his students in their various activities. Several of his past students continue to visit him in between classes. He has shown Cherokee that by doing the littlest things, you can create a big impact on students.

We interviewed Profe on his views on teaching and Cherokee.

Special note: Profe wanted to add in that he gave this interview with twenty other students in the background and still came up with good answers.

Why did you start teaching?

I enjoy spending time with young people and influencing them in a positive way. I think high school is hard for a thousand different reasons and I like the idea that I can make it easier or better for the students.

Where did you attend college?

I went to college at Kennesaw State University.

This year’s Game Club shirt features a picture of Profe on the back. [Photo credit: Belle Stills]

What is one thing you wish you knew coming into teaching?

This generation’s evolving obsession with being on your phone and being addicted to entertainment. It makes it difficult for teachers to get students’ attention.

What is one thing Cherokee could improve on, or one thing we’re doing well?

I think the school as a whole spend more time on a daily basis needs to spend less time focused on themselves and more on other people. I feel like most people are too busy, too lazy, or too distracted to do that normally.

Where do you come up with your ideas for your mnemonic devices?

They literally come to me on the spot while I’m teaching. I guess most students picture me lying in bed at night coming up with maniacal ways to make them cringe.

What advice do you have for students?

A super important life skill is applying yourself, trying your best, and being invested in something you don’t necessarily care too much about. A student’s favorite thing to say is “when am I going to use this in life?” And you won’t use it in life a lot of times, but the worth ethic and applying yourself is a super necessary skill in life.

Profe has clearly made and is making a positive impact on his students’ lives. Cherokee is lucky to have such a remarkable teacher.

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