“Behind the Mask” Staff Spotlight: Mr. Williams

Here at Cherokee High School, we love to shoutout our beloved staff members.

Mr. Williams has been teaching at CHS since 2017. He teaches Honors 9th Literature Composition. Recently, he became a new dad to son, Waylon, born August 3.

“Mr. Williams is a great teacher. He knows how to make class fun and interesting, whether it’s coming up with a certain stance for reciting poems or asking good questions during class discussions. Even though there’s a lot of work, his class is one of my favorites. He also moved our test back two days because we got almost every single one of his students to sign a petition. Not every teacher would do that.”

Makenzie Bird, Freshman

“He’s the best Lit Comp teacher ever. He’s amazing at poetry and has made it actually really fun. I love his class and he is one of the best teachers I have ever had.”

Ashley Kay, Freshman

We asked Mr. Williams a few questions about his years teaching and how he got here.

In addition to teaching, have you coached or lead any sports or clubs at Cherokee? If so, which.

“I used to help coach the varsity boys soccer team.”

Where did you attend college? What degrees do you have? 

“I attended Kennesaw State University and received a Bachelor of Science in Secondary English Education.”

What advice would you give students?

“Michael always says “K.I.S.S.” Keep it simple, stupid. Great advice. Hurts my feelings every time.”

Reference to a line from Dwight in “The Office” Season 3, Episode 5

What is one thing you wish you knew coming into teaching?

“How many times a day I’d have to tell someone to take their hood off.”

Why did you start teaching?

“I started teaching- honestly- because I didn’t know what else to do. I had some family members who were teachers, and they encouraged me to try it. Once I got into the teacher preparation program, and especially during student teaching, I knew that I had picked the right career.” 

Do you think you learn as much from the students as they learn from you?

“Some of the best times I’ve had in the classroom are when students come up with some really, incredibly original work. Not to be melodramatic, but this generation of students perceive the world in very different ways than I do, and I regularly have my own thinking challenged and deepened.”

What is one thing you think Cherokee could improve on or either one thing we do well?

“Improve on? Keeping the hoods down. In all seriousness, there is something special about Cherokee High School. I love the diversity of our population, and I think our school does well striving to include and to teach every student who walks through our doors.” 

Through his years of teaching here, Mr. Williams has touched hundreds of students’ lives, and he will continue to touch more in his upcoming years.

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