Blooming into spring: The CHS annual plant sale

Spring has just begun and the CHS agricultural classes are kicking off the season with their annual plant sale.

Agriculture teacher Mrs. Garner has been helping run the show as students prepared flowers and vegetables for sales. The plant sale was originally scheduled to end on April 8, but it has been extended to this Thursday, April 22.

This year, the plant sales have been mainly focused on geraniums, petunias, begonias, and tomato plants. Some of the students also put together arrangements for hanging plants.

More plant options include mixes put together by the students. Some of the mixes include a dianthus floral lace merlot mix, a begonia Olympia mix, and a geranium quantum mix.

chs greenhouse plant sale flowers and hanging plants
Several hanging plants and order forms in the greenhouse, ready for pickup. [Photo credit: Makenzie Bird]

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, the plant sale is being held virtually through SignUp Genius. Customers from around the community can order plants and arrive at the school for pick up at the greenhouse. Specific pickup times are scheduled for social distancing purposes.

But despite the sales being held virtually, around nine weeks of preparation went into the plant sale. The agriculture students raised and tended to the plants during those weeks and made sure they were perfect for the actual sale.

We pick up our plants as little plugs, so they’re less than an inch tall, the week before February break. All the students in all the agriculture classes plant and repot the plants. Throughout the weeks, we’ll come out and make sure there’s no dead leaves, fungus, or mold. They also make sure they’re being watered and getting fertilizer.

Mrs. Garner
cherokee high school agriculture teacher
Mrs. Garner with several orders of plants. [Photo credit: Makenzie Bird]

Potted flowers are $3, peppers and tomatoes are $5, and hanging baskets are $8. The money will go to supporting the CTAE agriculture classes at Cherokee.

Members of the community can purchase plants on the SignUp Genius, which expires on Thursday, April 22, 2021.

Sales have been great, and the plant sale has ran smoothly after school.

Skylar Hyde

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