Free school supply station provides supplies for students

The Diversity Club announced the opening of the first free school supply station at Cherokee High School.

The mission and goal for this project is to meet students’ needs of a lack of the most basic school supplies. The club created the school supply station to promote equity and equality amongst the students of CHS.

“The goal of the free school supply station is to make sure equality is achievable for all and to try to make it a reality for equity for all students being achievable.”

Mr. Gustin, teacher-leader of this project

Currently, there is only a station on Main Campus, in front of the Media Center. However, the club would like to also start one on North’s campus.

The club was able to start the school supply station from donations from Staples and teachers at CHS.

The diversity club welcomes students and faculty from across all spectrums to participate. 

The Diversity Club is beginning an initiative for egalitarianism, the doctrine that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities. More information will be provided soon.

If you or any clubs are interested in donating items or sponsoring another station, please email Mr. Jon Gustin, Ms. Anne Nechvatal, Ms. Valerie Destin, Ms. Shanna Coulter or any of the other Diversity Club teachers. You can also sign up through the sign up genius linked below.

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