Behind the Mask: Emily George

Emily George is a sophomore at Cherokee High School and was nominated to be our Warrior of the Week by English teachers, Ms. Floyd and Ms. Forman.

From her teachers:

Emily is a wonderful student, but even more than that, she is a wonderful human being.   She has an uncanny ability to both “see” and “hear” her classmates, regardless of their clique or niche within the diverse and complex social structures of CHS.   She is the student you can rely on to make the “new kid” feel welcomed and comfortable.  She is the student you know truly wants her teachers’ book recommendations!  She is the student that every teacher loves having in class.  With her heart and her work ethic, her kindness and her intellect, there is no limit to Emily’s potential for success.

Ms. Floyd and Ms. Forman

About: Emily George

What is something you want people to know about you?

I love helping people! I always try to make someone’s day better by making them laugh, complimenting them, or staying positive around my peers when they are having a bad day.

What do you like most about Cherokee High School?

I love how Cherokee offers many different classes and electives for students. I also love how the staff is always so positive.

What are you involved in at school and around the community?

I do competition cheer and sideline cheer for Cherokee. I am also on an archery team through Georgia 4-H.

What is your favorite subject?


What are your hobbies and interest?

I love watching college football, cheering, archery, spending time with friends and family, and attending church. I also plan to go to college to be an athletic trainer.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received/given?

The best advice I have received was when I was in eighth grade. I was going through a rough time and everyday my teacher would tell me, “This too shall pass.” That quote really impacted my outlook of life’s obstacles, and now I use it everyday.

Congratulations to Emily for being our Warrior of Week, and we want to wish her good luck as she continues to be an exemplary student at Cherokee!

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