Pace Photography: COVID-19 in pictures

On March 16 2020, almost a year ago, Cherokee High School closed its doors and began holding classes exclusively online through a digital learning format, which had previously been a practice in place for the seldom snow day. For the next four months, students were stuck in their homes as an infective plague spread over the world. This quickly led to a growing number of problems from the effects of isolation, difficult adjustment to a radical change in normal living, technology challenges, and amplified anxiety.

During this quarantine, many people lost their jobs, family, and other loved ones. These photos personally taken show the emotions of dealing with a pandemic.

“In The Eye of the Beholder” [Source: Alek Pace]
The news of mass death from COVID-19 reflects in the reader’s eye, revealing the severity of the situation
“Lockdown” [Source: Alek Pace]
Many people were stuck inside most of the pandemic, with the inside of the house being dull and weary and the outside being bright, showing the environment that people are missing will stuck inside.
“Ups and Downs” [Source: Alek Pace]
Mental health was at an all-time low during quarantine all across America. This shows the girl on one side looking okay, while the faded version of here on the right looks in despair.
“New Reality” [Source: Alek Pace]
The new normal when coming outside has been wearing a mask to protect yourself and others, so this image shows the new perspective during COVID-19
“Behind the Mask” [Source: Alek Pace]
Because of masks, new people have been hard to see. This shows the watcher guessing what the mask wearer looks like.
“Six Feet” [Source: Alek Pace]
The six feet guidelines has kept many families and friends from being together. The drawn hands show the people close, what they could’ve been without COVID-19
“Drowning” [Source: Alek Pace]
Surrounding the girl is all COVID-19 buzzwords, and it shows the hysteria behind what the media puts out and how it effects others

Overall, this pandemic has been a difficult experience for many people around the country and the world. What COVID-19 and this quarantine has taught us, now almost a year in retrospect, is to cherish the people around us and to check up on others and our own mental health.

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