It’s the little things we think of during the holidays

This time of the year it can be easy to get sidetracked with the big things. The big things being Santa, gifts, time off from school etc. However, the elephant in the room needs to be addressed.

What are things people appreciate about the holidays that the rest of us wouldn’t take the time to think of? I needed answers to this question so I did my research.

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I reached out to people of the community to ask this question.

Appreciating being single

One thing people expressed appreciation in during the holidays is being single.
Sounds weird right? According to an article I found, people appreciate being single on the holidays, so they don’t have to buy their significant others gifts nor worry about the stress of arranging times to be together.

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Appreciating the food you never get to eat almost any other time of year.

Another person stated an underrated sentiment she appreciates is ”Her aunt’s secret recipe for homemade dinner rolls. I get to eat them only once a year.” The events and traditions experienced during few, selective times of year make them especially cherished moments.

How about Hanukkah?

Less travel

It’s interesting to think of all these points of view stemming from the holidays. Best Life, a publication on “feel good news” featured an article on underrated aspects of Hanukkah. One of the more interesting topics addressed by the writer was how he thought an under-appreciated aspect about the holiday is that they don’t travel home as commonly as those do for Christmas getting much-needed home time. –Though this was more true in all cases due to Covid.

According to the article,”Hanukkah isn’t really one of the A-tier holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas) that mandates splurging on a plane ticket.”

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More environmentally friendly than Christmas

The Article went on to discuss an interesting point of view on the holiday that goes under-appreciated. ”One could argue that the festivities are more environmentally friendly than Christmas.”

”We Jews gather around a Menorah—a spiritual, nine-pronged candelabra—and not a tree.”

While celebrating the holidays, we often don’t take time to look at the little things such as appreciating less environmental impact, which is definitely an issue during the holidays–from Christmas trees to piles of Amazon boxes. It is interesting to take things like this into consideration with our own holiday habits.

The little things we think of…

”I like the family aspect not the gift giving aspects of the holidays” said Cherokee student, Emma Swan.

Ms. Mcnellie gave a humorous point of view: ”I like not having to get dressed or be nice to others.”

New year gratitude

While researching I found that people have a lot to say about the New Years holiday.

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Aside from Covid, “New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to get dressed up in your fanciest clothing and enjoy a night out,” said Madeline Diamond, a writer for Business Insider. There are few moments to feel fancy and full of so much optimism. If nothing else “You also have the perfect excuse to wear those goofy New Year’s glasses and headbands” said Diamond.

The aspect of no stress is another much appreciated aspect of the new years holiday. On this day, most are encouraged and inspired by the good things to come rather than the stress of the year in progress.

“You don’t have to scramble to buy anyone the perfect gift, you don’t have to figure out how to cook the perfect feast for your family, and you don’t have to deal with distant relatives ranting about why they voted for so and so” said Makenna Ferguson, writer for Pride.

During the holidays, we take many things for granted. Many of the things we taken for granted, we don’t realize. Now that the new year is beginning, take a look around. Appreciate the little things along with the big. The year 2021 will be the best yet.

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