Thankful Phone Challenge

With Thanksgiving approaching, you might find yourself feeling extra thankful for the various things and people around you.

This week, I asked students to find a photo on their phones that represents something they are currently thankful for.

Here’s what they had to share:

Hunter Nottingham presented a picture of his girlfriend.

”She makes me happy,” he said.

Kayley Strauss sent me these pictures. She explained the seahorse and ocean life images ‘makes her “Relax and reduces stress.” ”The book image helps make me feel less insecure,” said Kayley.

CHS Senior, Skylar Leppert, sent in a photo of the setting sun. ”I’m thankful for the sun. It provides practically all the energy for life on earth, and our current proximity makes it so that we have a perfect place to live,” said Skylar.

‘Erich Hofstetter shared a photo of himself posing with a group of friends—a photo taken at last year’s homecoming.

“I’m thankful for them because without them, I would be stuck entertaining myself and they have always been there for me when I needed them, and they’re overall just great pals to have because they motivate me to be the best me.”

Sydney Moody contributed a photo of her niece, Rowan. “This is one person I am thankful for because she truly changed my life and always makes me laugh, never fails to make a dull moment better,” said Sydney.

It surprised me to see what all others found appreciation in through this challenge. We all have so much to be grateful for, and maybe this year, especially, is the year to pause and go through our own phones and share photos of the people, places, and memories that bring us happiness. Even with the challenges we’ve gone through this year, we have reasons to be thankful.

Feel free to comment with your own photo.

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