Pace Photography Column: 9/11 Cherokee football

On Sept. 11, the Cherokee Warriors defeated the Sequoyah Chiefs 41-20 on the Tommy Baker Field. These moments were captured as part of a new photography column for the Warrior Word featuring CHS events.

The Cherokee Warriors on the offensive line of scrimmage early in the first quarter [Photo Source: Alek Pace]


Senior Brady Bocherer, 2, with the block as Senior LJ McNeil, 24, heads for the end zone [Photo Source: Alek Pace]
A warrior braces for impact as the opposing team goes for the ball [Photo Source: Alek Pace]
Cherokee Warriors defensive lines battling in the trenches [Photo Source: Alek Pace]
The Warriors readying up on the sideline [Photo Source: Alek Pace]
Our offensive line getting their heads in the game [Photo Source: Alek Pace]
Keith Adams Jr., 3, with the cut to pick up more yards [Photo Source: Alek Pace]
The Warriors listen intently to their coach during timeout [Photo Source: Alek Pace]
The Warriors run back to the sideline after the play [Photo Source: Alek Pace]

Band of Warriors

The BOW lined up into the letters to spell out USA and played a symphony of nationalistic songs [Photo Source: Alek Pace]
Drum Major Stewie Brannam leads the band through stand tunes as the sunsets over Tommy Baker Field [Photo Source: Alek Pace]
Cherokee’s trumpet players hard at work [Photo Source: Alek Pace]


Varsity Cheer hypes up the crowd and team [Photo Source: Alek Pace]
Seniors Natalie Sarallo, left, and Ashlyn Golden, right, wave their pom poms on the sideline [Photo Source: Alek Pace]
Cherokee cheer showing spirit for their Warriors [Photo Source: Alek Pace]
Senior Olivia Barger after her final cheer of the quarter [Photo Source: Alek Pace]

Student Section

The crowd gets ready for the game to start [Photo Source: Alek Pace]
The patriotic crowd goes wild as Cherokee scores another touch down [Photo Source: Alek Pace]
Senior Bennet Ulm goes all out for the game’s America theme [Photo Source: Alek Pace]
Senior Christian Ariano helps hype up the crowd by waving the American flag [Photo Source: Alek Pace]
The crowd boos as the ref throws a flag on the play [Photo Source: Alek Pace]
Senior Bennet Ulm, left, and Junior Caleb Richardson, right, fly the American flag high at the front of the crowd [Photo Source: Alek Pace]

If you are interested in a copy of any of these photos, please send us an email at

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