National Hug a Drummer Day: Yes, this is a thing

Break out your social distance hugging skills, because this Saturday, Oct. 10, is National Hug a Drummer Day!

You may not have heard of this holiday, but does have a good amount of significance to it. Drumming and percussion in general are the oldest instrument (besides the voice) in human history. Drums date back much farther than any modern instruments, including the guitar and string instruments.

Not to mention they’re still being used to date. Drum kits and electronic beats are beyond common in modern music. In fact, without it, songs usually sound “empty” and “plain”.

Drums are the backbone of music. Without it, everything falls apart.

Anonymous student at CHS

At Cherokee, our talented group of percussionists are led by Mr. Worley. He explained how every student whom expresses an interest in joining the percussion team, whether marching or concert, is provided a place and given specific roles based on personal strengths.

The CHS percussion class warming up. [Photo Credit: Makenzie Bird]

Drumming is important to music. It also happens to be a great outlet and good exercise. According to the History of Drums website, half an hour of drumming burns more calories compared to activities such as weight lifting, cycling, and moderate-level hiking.

Particularly if you are in marching band, you’re adding on 10-30 pounds of weight (imagine walking around with a sledgehammer strapped to your body) marching an intricate memorized routine while performing a challenging set.

Drumming also brings emotional benefits, too. The brain releases endorphins after playing music, similar to a “runner’s high”. Drumming and making music in general also helps with academic stress, build confidence, and learn how to communicate with others.

All of this is because of the intensity of drumming. Not only do you have to understand music down to the very last sixteenth note (and even beyond that!) you also have to know how to use the equipment correctly.

Featured students on the snare and mallet instruments. [Photo Credit: Makenzie Bird]

Not to mention you have to understand how to use lots of equipment. If you are in percussion, then you need to know how to use majority of the instruments, including unusual ones (think slinkies, rubber balls, trash cans, brooms, and much more). The list is fluid as new pieces adopt more creative “instruments”.

There’s no doubt of the large skill set you need for drumming. This alone is a great reason to appreciate the drummers in your life–so share the love by honoring National Hug a Drummer Day!

Auditions for being in the CHS drumline during marching band takes place in April for the following school year.

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