Some Tips on How to Show Your Individuality

Speaking up and standing out can be hard. We don’t like to show who we are as individuals to others around us. Many feel the need to follow a pack of people to thrive whereas some individuals lead the way of the pack. How do we approach this problem and fix it? 

Some individuals lack confidence. Lacking confidence can cause a major dark cloud raining on your opinions of yourself. 

Eight scientifically proven ways to attain self-confidence - Lifestyle -  The Jakarta Post

 It’s important to have confidence because it shows in how you approach others, the way you present yourself to the world, and even in your writing. Having confidence can also help you be encouraged to seek out more opportunities. 

Some ways to gain confidence are try new things, seek out new people to meet, and each day look in the mirror and tell yourself today’s going to be a good day. You could also tell yourself how wonderful you are as you gaze into the mirror. It sounds silly, sure, but it would help you gain some confidence. 

Another good asset to have to show your individuality is finding outlets to express your creativity. Through artwork, music, writing, and more you can express yourself. Artwork, as well as the other creative forms, are so broad in their potential to express each’s individuality. The most creative individuals are artists, singers, song writers, poets, painters, and more. If any of these are your strong suits, you need to seek them out. Your individuality would shine through any of these. 

Opportunity at the Intersection: Arts and Entrepreneurship | Stanford  eCorner

Finally, one more good way to show your individuality is through the way you express yourself through dress or outward appearances–something that makes you feel is a reflection of your inner self rather than conforming to a standard. There are several ways to do this. For example, you could love to dye your hair crazy colors. Maybe you like to have piercings or you love to wear jeans and a jacket. Whatever style you like, show it off. The world needs your unique style. 

Emo , Scene Girls | Scene hair, Blue  hair, Emo hair

The world needs everyone’s individuality; without it, we wouldn’t have the amazing arts and styles we have today.  It can be hard, but it is worth it to be yourself.  Everyone out there reading this, I hope you get inspired to show more of your uniqueness to the world. The world will be even more creative with your creativeness in it! 

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