Aliens visit Cherokee County to give students a message

Note: Several weeks ago, prior to digital learning days, the intention was to write an Orson Welles-War of the Worlds-style April Fools article, since few student journalists have opportunities to flex creative writing skills. By no means does this article intend to downplay the seriousness of the Covid-19 virus situation. References are meant to be purely entertaining.

A UFO could be seen shooting through the skies of Canton at 4:20 am, last night, landing in a field near Cherokee High School. Cherokee High News reported the sighting in today’s broadcast, but we have more information to report regarding the sighting.

While the UFO was only in Cherokee County for a few minutes, two Cherokee High students, who wish to stay anonymous, approached the spaceship.

“It was–really bright and shiny. It looked like something you would see out of a stereotypical alien movie,” said one of the students.

The students then saw something they never thought they would see. The door of the ship opened up, and inside “Blue” by Eiffel 65 could be heard bellowing from within. Two tall blue aliens made their way towards the students.

“They spoke to us telepathically. They stared into our souls and instantly we knew what they were trying to say,” said the other student.

The students said that the aliens told them that they had a message pertaining to the CoronaVirus.

“CDC is responding to an outbreak of respiratory disease caused by a novel (new) coronavirus that was first detected in China and which has now been detected in more than 100 locations internationally, including in the United States,” the CDC reports.


The aliens gave them a slip a paper with the supposed message. The piece of lined paper looks like it could be millions of years old. On the top of the page, in blocky writing, said, “COVID-19.”

The rest of the page was in alien writing.

A picture of the alien message the two students sent to The Warrior Word

The two students, not knowing what to do with the alien message decided to contact The Warrior Word to see if any of us would know what to do.

After receiving a picture of the document, I quickly recognize the language the aliens were speaking.

Minecraft Enchantment Table Language

After spending hours trying to translate the paper, I believe I understand what the aliens are trying to send to us.

With a handful of missing letters, the aliens wrote down the lyrics to Smash Mouth’s iconic song, All Star, featured in the film, Shrek (2001).

What kind of metaphor are the aliens telling us with this song?

As any literature teacher has taught us, applying lyrics or verses to our lives can help us make sense of our own situations.

Well, I believe it means, the years just start coming and they don’t stop coming. No matter what, something challenging will always happen. So we must hit the ground running.

It didn’t make sense not to live just for fun, after all. In these times, our brains get smart, but our heads get dumb. The human race is advancing everyday, but one virus can make us run to the store and deplete the nation’s supply of toilet paper.

The aliens may have been trying to remind students that we’re all-stars and we must get our game on and work together against this pandemic. Even if, for us, this means taking on our digital learning days and making the most of one day at a time.

Happy April Fools, Cherokee!

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