Good things come out of new experiences

We had been living in apartments for a while now, and we finally had a house that we can call ours.

As the the community has been forced to adjust to new changes, we must look for inspiration to find the best in new experiences. Sometimes new experiences are the most adventurous.

My family and I moved from Orlando, FL to Canton, GA in August 2016. When we came to Georgia, we didn’t necessarily want to live in Atlanta, but on the outskirts, which brought us to Canton. In June of last year, when we returned from our first vacation to San Diego, we thought of purchasing a house for the first time.

This has become one of the most awesome and memorable experiences for us because we had been living in apartments for a while now, and we were finally seeking a house that we could call ours. Although many would take this moment for granted, understandably, this was a huge moment in life for us. We started to look from Marietta, to Kennesaw, Alpharetta, to Holly Springs

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” – John F. Kennedy

In our home search, we were curious as to where people seemed to be driving as they passed Teasley Middle School, and that led us to the Great Sky area. We were surprised to see quite a few different neighborhoods in the Great Sky area. These homes were very gorgeous, and we were determined to own one.

We had a home built from the ground up, and were there at every stage of development.

The process of accompanying my family on their journey to home ownership was very long, and included many loose ends to tighten along the way. We’ve finally made it and we couldn’t be more grateful.

This last year has been the year of new experiences. The vacation to San Diego prior to building was also new, exciting, and memorable. It was set up like a tour planned by my parents. It was especially meaningful for my dad since he had not been back to San Diego since he was a child. His dad had once been recruited there from the military, and as a result, was inspired to also join the Army. Part of the trip included taking a jet to LA and Hollywood.

It was an amazing experience to be with my dad as he recalled every moment from his childhood. My sisters and I had never been on the West Coast nor on an airplane, so each new event on this trip was special. We all had a great time taking all these new experiences through through our eyes.

Although possibly not as “exciting” as moving in to your first home or traveling on your first airplane, new experiences bring with it good things. Take it from our experiences, change brings with it the good. It’s about perspective.

Family Advice

Mom: “Life is like a world wind, hold on.”

Dad:” I couldn’t be more thankful GOD has blessed us with this beautiful blessing.”

Little sister: “Prayer changes things, and change is good.”

Baby sister: “Doing something new can bring you happiness.”

Me: “Live life to the fullest, because what goes around comes back around.”

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