Warrior of the week: Senior: Franki Sicilia

Franki Sicilia is a senior at Cherokee High School and was nominated to be Warrior of the week by her literature teacher, Mr. Jones.

Franki is involved in many outlets at Cherokee such as Speech and Debate, Students Demand Action, and Give A Kid A Break. She has previously been a speaker of the TedxYouth event that Cherokee held in November. Despite having a stressful senior year, as seniors often do, she still stays positive.

About Franki Sicilia

What is an interesting fact about you?
I am originally from New Jersey.

What do you like most about Cherokee High School?
Probably the diverse class options there are, and how there are even career paths within the class!

What are your future plans after high school?
I don’t know what college I’ll be attending yet, but I hope to double major in History and International Relations and work towards being apart of a non-profit organizations for world wide refugees.

What is your favorite subject?

Either AP English Literature or AP European History

What are you involved in at CHS?

I’m involved in Speech and Debate, co-coach a Speech and Debate team at Teasley Middle School, Give A Kid A Break, Students Demand Action, and the past TedxYouth talk.

The best piece of advice you have to give or were given?

Don’t let people dim your dreams and shorten your goals. No dream or goal is too big or high- if you have passion for whatever it is then you can achieve it. Also, never settle for something you do not have passion for.

We appreciate all the outstanding things you do to for CHS, Franki!

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