Warrior of the week: Junior: Kayla Pimpleton

Kayla Pimpleton is a junior at Cherokee High School and was nominated to be Warrior of the Week by her journalism teacher, Mrs. Teasley.

“Kayla is an outstanding writer, and takes active leadership as project manager for our news class. I know she is also actively involved in so many outlets of this school, from her classes, to sports, and participation in clubs. She does everything with great care and thoughtfulness, and it shows! I cannot wait to see what is in store for her!”

Ms. Teasley

Kayla is passionate about sports and academics. She is a very intelligent student, the project manager for the Warrior Word and she is described to be “outgoing, passionate, and adored by others”.

What is an interesting fact about you?

I was born two months early.

What do you like most about Cherokee High School?

I love being able to see my friends everyday and be with teachers who are passionate about their job.

What are your future plans after high school?

I am hoping to study sports management in college and work with a major sports team.

What is your favorite subject?


What are you involved in at CHS?

I am involved in National Honor Society, Students Demand Action, and Beat Out Cancer. I am also the one of the managers for 7 on 7 flag football and I am the project manager for the Warrior Word.

The best piece of advice you have to give or were given?

If you try your best, you should be proud of yourself no matter the outcome.


  1. Congrats Kayla! So very proud of you! Everything you have put your mind into doing, you have always been successful at! You hold my heart my Granddaughter!


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