A shoutout to CHS counselors for National Counselor Appreciation Week

This week is the time we take gratitude to appreciate our counselors for all that they do and the time they take to do it.

According to https://www.schoolcounselor.org, Nationala School Counseling week is sponsored by the ASCA, the primary organization that highlights the tremendous impact school counselors can have in helping students achieve school success and plan for a career. National School Counseling Week is always celebrated the first full week in February.

Fun facts about counselors (source: Naviance)

  1. They are expert multi-taskers. Counselors face a day full of classroom visits, group counseling, college applications, IEP meetings, schedule changes, and unexpected emergencies, and they tackle them quickly and efficiently. Very few job descriptions have so many tasks not mentioned in the basic job description.
  2. They can turn around a student’s day.  School counselors have the tools and personality to not only be good listeners, but also great problem solvers and mentors.
  3. They’re the life of the party.  School counselors tend to get involved beyond what is outlined in their job descriptions and make school fun. Just check out their offices. It reflects their fun personalities and care!
  4. They know technology. School counselors are technology masters.
  5. They support student success. School counselors dedicate their lives to student success. They work with students who are struggling in class or in their personal lives, they encourage students to do their best, and they help all students to chart the path to their future!

We asked our counselors to tell them some information about themselves! Here is what we learned!

More about Ms. Cuomo

What do you love most about counseling?

Even though the overall year is predictable with what activities we perform, every day is different. One day might include sitting in on a college representative visit, then walking past a foods class making cookies on my way to a welding class to talk to a student about internship opportunities while ending the day by talking a student through a difficult personal situation.

What brought you into counseling?

When I was in high school and college, I struggled with finding the right career path and did not know what I wanted to study in college. I eventually graduated with a degree in Public Relations and worked in human resources and employment and then in college admissions/financial aid. I noticed that many recent college graduates, as well as adults, were unhappy in their careers. I originally got into counseling to focus on career development but found the social emotional aspect of my job just as rewarding.

What is a surprising/little known aspect of your job or a fun fact you’d like to share? 

Counselors have opportunities for interesting professional development. This could mean being invited to a college campus, attending a conference on suicide prevention or visiting job sites like Lockheed Martin to see how planes are built. School Counselors will gain certification by earning a Masters degree. Suggested undergraduate majors are psychology or education. I would encourage students to consider this field!

A fun fact about me is that I spent 6 months in college participating in the Walt Disney World College Program where I sold ice cream on the streets of MGM and attended management classes. I lived with other college students from all over the world and earned a 4.0 and 12 credits for that semester. The program is still going on – go ahead and google “WDW College Program.”

More About Ms. Tuck

What do you love most about counseling?

The kids! All of them.

What brought you into counseling?

Working in a high school in another capacity made me want to be there every day helping students succeed.

What is a surprising/little known aspect of your job or a fun fact you’d like to share?

We are actually trained in counseling, running small groups, crisis, one on one counseling, etc. 

More about Mr. St.Vrain

What do you love most about counseling?

It is different everyday and I get to help students find their best path.

What brought you into counseling? 

I had a counselor help me get back on track during my 9th grade year after a bad car accident. After that experience I wanted to help others like she helped me.  

What is a surprising/little known aspect of your job or a fun fact you’d like to share?

More about Ms. Von Shilling

What do you love most about counseling?

The thing I love most about counseling is that my job is different every day based on the needs of my kids.  I love making connections with my students.  The BEST part is watching students grow socially, emotionally and academically over the years.

What brought you into counseling?

 I began my career in education as an English teacher, however, I always knew that my passion was helping students to meet their social/emotional needs.  I began my education in counseling during my first year of teaching and have never regretted that decision.

What is a surprising/little known aspect of your job or a fun fact you’d like to share? 

Counselors are the coolest adults in ANY school!!!!  And we TRULY want to help J

More About Ms. Murillo

What do you love most about counseling?

I love interacting with our students.

What brought you into counseling?

Our youth needs direction and I want to encourage and support them.

What is a surprising/little known aspect of your job or a fun fact you’d like to share? 

Before school counseling, I considered school psychology.  Jerry Seinfeld attended Queens College just like I did! 😊

The counseling crew dressed up for Halloween 2018. [Photo Source: CHS Facebook Page]

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