Super bowl or Kitten Bowl? That’s a meow from me

The Super bowl is this weekend and as football fans across America cheer for their favorite team, people who are not into sports have an alternative option Feb. 2. For animal lovers, there are two options for them. Puppy Bowl and Kitten Bowl.

In 2019, 98.2 million people viewed the Superbowl. Combined, the puppy bowl (Animal Planet) and kitten bowl (Hallmark) drew in approximately 3.9 million. Although they aren’t comparable in views, the animal superbowls seem to have a cult following.

Here’s eight fun facts about the Puppy Bowl and Kitten Bowl.

Puppy Bowl is all the bark

All Puppy Bowl players are shelter dogs

All the adorable stars are flown from shelters all around the country for the big game. They all usually get adopted straight after the bowl. Who wouldn’t want to adopt a superstar?

The Puppy Bowl takes several days to record

It takes a long time to make a Puppy Bowl happen! The puppies require breaks every 20-30 minutes. It also has so many people working on the project for every year.

Puppies playing in Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl XVI
(Photo Credit: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images for Discovery, Inc.)

The cameras have peanut butter on them

A little bit of movie magic is required to make Puppy Bowl’s cutest moments happen. The players are not that interested in the cameras on their own, but slap some peanut butter on it? Then you’re golden!

The puppies go through a lot of toys

All that ruff play means that the toys get destroyed quickly. The toys get replaced every 20-30 minutes, most likely when the stars of the show are napping.

You can watch the Puppy Bowl on February 2nd at 3 p.m. on Animal Planet

Kitten Bowl is the cat’s meow

The Kitten Bowl boasts more field goals than the Puppy Bowl

This may be obvious though as cats tend to like to climb the goal post, which scores them a point.

There’s nearly 100 kittens that take part in the Kitten Bowl

There are four teams in the Kitten bowl and it takes a handful of kittens to fill up the teams. It’s filmed the same way as the Puppy Bowl so the kitties take a lot of cat naps.

Promo for Hallmark's Kitten Bowl
(Photo Credit: Hallmark Channel)

Like the Puppy Bowl, the Kitten Bowl supports adoption

Across the country, Hallmark (who hosts Kitten Bowl) will set up adoption parties for kittens on the day of the Kitten Bowl. You can even find the nearest event to you by looking through the Hallmark’s database.

The Kitten Bowl hosted by TV Personality, Beth Stern

“Stern embodies the spirit of adoption in her everyday life, having fostered countless animals in need.” Hallmark reports. Beth Stern makes effort year around to rescue animals.

You can watch the Kitten Bowl on February 2nd at 2 p.m. on the Hallmark Channel

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