What a difference a decade makes

Ten years may not seem like a long enough time to reflect significant differences in areas like fashion, entertainment, and technology. Although history books reflect monumental changes between the 1920s and 1930s or 40s, for example, significant change somehow seems different while living in the moment.

The year 2020 brings with it the excitement of a new decade. Between 2000 and 2020, so many changes have taken place in every area of our lives. Let’s look at a few of these decades to see how much has changed.



Throw on the Vans or Birkinstocks, make sure those jeans are flare cut, and hair tips frosted, the first decade of the 2000s was alive with prominent fashion trends. Between 2000 and 2009, some key fashion trends emerged like the bubble shirts, velour track suits (likely with the word “Juicy” on the behind), and a bit of a revival of the punk-grudge trend from the 90s thanks to the surge in the skaterboy/skater girl lifestyle popularized by pop-punk stars like Avril Lavigne, Good Charlotte, New Found Glory, and Fall Out Boy.


Then in 2010-2019, fashion changed. With this decade came the rise of tighter, ripped jeans with higher waist lines, a surge in crop tops, chunkier hair accessories and trends mimicking the 90s (ie the emergence of the VSCO trend), and more focus on independent designers or thrifted, vintage looks over trendy mall labels sending some companies in to foreclosure or near foreclosure. Many fashion choices in this decade reflect social media influencers (Coachella, anyone?) far more than celebrity styles the earlier decade did. What fashion trends do you think this next decade will bring?

In my generation and at Cherokee High School, I see a lot of skinny ripped jeans and black leggings.

Cell Phones

Who remembers when you had to press the number 1 three different times to get the letter C? One of the most noticeable differences in changing time is the evolution of personal technology. Bigger, smaller, faster, thinner, phones may be one of the biggest races in technology. By 2020, more than half of the nation’s population have access to a smart device.

Cell phones have developed at a remarkable rate. It’s hard to believe that cell phones looked the way they did in the early 2000s, yet we are even more surprised to see what they appeared to be in the 90s through hit sitcoms like Saved by the Bell, and Zack’s famously huge portable phone.

The first decade likely saw the most advancement in cell phone technology. The Razor by Motorola was one of the move pivotal changes in cell design creating a drive for phones to be as marketable in appearance as functionality.

However, the emergency of the smart phone was arguably one of the most important (sometimes negatively so) developments in modern invention. Each model after the first smart phone model seems to build on the same functionality, but with greater speed, storage, and signal access. Suddenly, people had the same technology in their pockets that they could on a desktop. Although this is undeniably convenient, even retiring landline home phones for many, with these changes in convenience of accessibility has come more reports of cell phone addiction in teens causing increased rates of Depression and anxiety for some of those unable to “disconnect.”


Most Popular Social Media

Social media, a word that has taken on new meaning since the early 2000s, has gone through such a tremendous evolutionary process, and continues to. has clearly changed.

In the early 2000s, Friendster and Myspace were the main social networks on the rise. Thi was followed quickly by Facebook and YouTube, though both platforms have seen a dramatic overhaul. YouTube, especially, has had to readjust policies as issues arise, and traffic increases. As of the most recent data, approximately 300 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube every minute lending it to still be one of the most widely used social media platforms. Although Facebook has taken a backseat appealing more to older audience, new apps such as SnapChat and TikTok have taken over in the later part of this decade. Instagram, which began in the start of this last decade, is still one of the leading apps.






According to Wired, the first decade focused more on size than fuel efficiency. Size, like the dawn of the Hummer H2 between 2002-09, was status despite the fact that it was only reported to get 9MPG. This changed greatly with the impact of the Recession in ’08.

In the last decade, the focus has been more on gas efficiency and overall environmental impact. More cars run on electricity than ever before. Technology has upgraded at the rate that phones become more compatible and communicative with cars. With more advancements in smart phones comes more advancements in hands-free technology like CarPlay. There are many more advancements towards self-driving features, and although we haven’t seen many legalized, completely autonomous vehicles, we do see technology now of cars that can auto-stop and even parallel park. Although it’s still far-fetched to say we will ever see a flying car, a fully autonomous car may be in the near future.

I believe time has changed for the better. Time gave us easier ways to contact someone in case of a emergency. I don’t want to say fashion went in a better direction, because I, personally, love the 2000’s looks. Cars have definitely improved with gas mileage and technology, especially regarding the overall impact to the environment. It’s time to start a new decade and who knows what’s coming next!?

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