The start of Inktober

31 days. 31 drawings.

Across the world, artists are participating in Inktober, but what exactly is Inktober? Inktober is a month of drawing during October to help people be more active in drawing/art.

Inktober started in 2009 by the artist Jake Parker who created this challenge to improve his skills in drawing and to increase his and millions of peoples motivation by establishing a community. Drawings are propelled by a month-long list of themes. The themes for 2019 are in the image below and the rules can be found on Parker’s website here.

The official prompt list for Inktober 2019.

Having grown to a substantial level, the official Inktober brand now partners with large art suppliers such as Blick Art Supplies, ArtSnacks, Zebra Pens, King Art, and others.

Participating in Inktober is very simple; all you need is paper and simple materials such as ink pens and paints. Even though it may seem as if it has to be a drawing, they do not have to be. Some popular forms of art include calligraphy or lettering, the modern-day calligraphy.

After you complete a day’s prompt, you can upload a picture of it to any social media using #Inktober and #Inktober2019 to gain recognition on your drawings.

On Twitter, I have seen people’s own interpretation of each Inktober prompt with some attempting all of the prompts so far. Inktober allows artists to explore outside of their comfort zones, whether its drawing characters a specific way, using different types of media, and even whatever they are drawing on.

As someone who is participating in Inktober this year, it has helped me feel more comfortable in my artwork and it has also helped me get rid of stress. Everyday, I’m excited to work on a new prompt and to see what my sketchbook will look like at the month.

Day three theme of Inktober: bait
Day eight of Inktober: frail
Day 12 of Inktober: Dragon
Day fourteen: overgrown

You can find more artwork on social media (including from our own Mrs. Coulter on Twitter) searching the hashtag #inktober or #inktober2019.

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