From Canton to LA, and back again

Los Angeles is full of hipsters and Canton is full of rednecks. Los Angeles is full of vegetarians, vegans, and movie stars where Canton is full of hunters, guns, and deer.

Stereotypes give both states a big reputation they cannot shake off. Although, those stereotypes aren’t fully true. I moved from Canton, to LA, and back, and can testify to the truth of both.

Image result for california vs georgia
I moved from Georgia, to LA, and back again. [Photo: Depositphoto]

Los Angeles does have its fair share of vegans and I did live near actors, but most were out of job failed actors. Canton has its fair share of rednecks, but most people don’t talk about guns and skinning deer all day.

Los Angeles is concrete. It’s hard, gray, but solid. It’s repetitive but the schedule becomes a sense of security. On the other hand, Canton is a forest. It’s quiet, colorful, and easy to get lost in. It’s small but every road seems different. One road has a lake by it, another has a large suburb, and of course another a wall of trees that seems to stretch forever.

So even if Los Angeles has its hipsters and Canton its rednecks, they both are more than just their stereotypes. They both are pieces of land shaped differently by opposite cultures and people.

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