Cherokee’s Homecoming throughout the years: the beginning of the new millennium

Cherokee High School celebrated 50 years of being open in the 2000s. By this time, the school had multiple decades of history that is all documented in the yearbooks. We looked through past yearbooks for the evolution of Cherokee’s homecoming throughout the years.

If you were alive when the calendar turned to January 1, 2000, you definitely remember the anxiety that led to the Y2K scare. This was the most notable event that happened in the year 2000, but Cherokee High School also celebrated its homecoming right before the turn of the century.

Cherokee’s homecoming king and queen from 2000. [Source: The Sequoyah 2000]

The style from 2000 is a lot similar to style now. The girls’ dresses are still long and elegant, and the style of the boys’ suits has not changed much over the past century.

Cherokee’s homecoming from the 2000 yearbook also had courts from every class. Feature images and the names of the couples from the courts are found in the yearbook as well.

The senior homecoming court from 2000. [Source: The Sequoyah 2000]
The junior, sophomore, and freshmen courts from 2000. [Source: The Sequoyah 2000]

Notable events in 2000:

  • A gallon of gas cost $1.24
  • The Summer Olympics are held in Sydney, Australia, and the United States took home the most medal with 93
  • Sony releases the Playstation 2 Gaming Console in Japan
  • Popular movies include How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, X-Men, and Scary Movie
  • The book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is published

This is our last post about past homecomings at Cherokee High School. Check out the others here!

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