What does your music choices say about you?

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Whether it’s jazz , soul music, K-pop, country, rock, heavy metal, Top 10, EDM, alternative, or a conglomerate of many, there is nothing that seems to reflect diversity in personality more than music choice. Studies demonstrate that your music preference may speak volumes about your personality.

If I were to relate to this, I would say that my music preferences reflect an older heart, such as alternative classics. Ultimately, it depends on my mood. If I’m feeling the blues, I listen to bands like The Fray, Nickelback, and 3 Doors Down. If I’m in a good mood, I listen to more uplifting music from bands like Lifehouse and more to help inspire my day.

Research shows that music plays a important role of people all around the world. Depending on the persons mood, their music choices change. Some people listen to sad music when they are sad; conversely, other people listen to happy music when they are sad. In a study done with Heriot-Watt University, 36,000 participants rated over a 100 different music styles and answered questions about their personalities.

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Although some genres have their stereotypes, the research found interesting links to music and personality that may not support stereotypes For example, rock music targeted often with an aggressive image reflected the opposite in the study. The people who reported they consistently listen to rock/ heavy metal also described themselves a sweet and caring. However, many in this group also reported to suffer from low self-esteem.

Studies also show country music fans are usually hardworking, and outgoing. Although songs often center around heartbreak, people who gravitate towards this genre are typically more emotionally stable and open to new experiences.

Pop/Top 40 lovers reported to be “extroverted, honest, and conventional.” They were found to have higher self-esteems and be hard working. Unfortunately, they also reported to be less creative and more uneasy.

Rap/Hip Hop: With tendencies of having more aggressive/violent lyrics, research found that listeners of rap and hip hop reported higher self-esteem and usually friendly and outgoing.

Indie music: Love the Artic Monkeys or Modest Mouse? Indie fans are found to be more introverted, but creative and intellectual. Unfortunately, the trends reported that these listeners are less hardworking and less gentle harboring “passivity, anxiousness, and low self-esteem.”

EDM: People who appreciated dance/EMD in the study tended to be more assertive, outgoing, and open to new experiences. Those who loved especially fast-paced EDM tended to rank low on gentleness.

Classical music: Classical music lovers reported to be more introverted, but creative, have good self-esteem, and open to the world around them.

Jazz/Blues/Soul: Love jazz? You may also be more extroverted, have high self-esteem, be intelligent, and easy going.

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I wanted to question some students around school to see their preferences on music and whether or not they feel like it reflects their personality. Some of this is determined by whether they have a playlist (all songs chosen deliberately) or preferred to be open to any artist in a genre with streaming.

Parker Modica, 11th

I have a playlist. I normally listen to country. I think I’m well-rounded and respectful.

Hali Coombs, 12th

“I have a playlist. My top three songs are Sugar Rush, AKB48, Jabberwocky, Lullaby of the Moon. My music is more upbeat Cutsie toon and mystic. What I think my music says about me is I’m a big dreamer, and it helps me escape reality’.

Alek Pace, 11th

I have a playlist. My favorites are, “When I Was Older,” “Angels,” and “Ilomilo.” I normally listen to R&B. My music relaxes me and it makes me well-rounded.

Layla Mahavier, 11th

I have a playlist it’s called “Layla’s Bopps.” I like all of them. And my music shows that I’m the life of the party and a chill person.

Leonardo Barahona 10th

‘I have multiple playlists; it just depends on my emotions. My favorites are “Money in the Grave,” “Underdog,” and “Mockingbird.” I normally listen to rap. What I think my music says about me is I’m always energetic.

So next time you listen to your favorite song ask yourself: what does this say about my personality?

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