Happy Pi Day!

Contributors: Hali Coombs, Nyasia Butler, Haley Kelley

On the heels of our recent article on National Potato Chip Day, March 14th also shares the more commonly known holiday, Pi Day.  (March 14th= 3.14…)

The math geeks in all of us sort of geek out for this seemingly trivial coincidence in numbers (3.14=π (the mathematical constant that represents the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter)=March 14th=3/14), but if for no other reason to celebrate, there’s an excuse to eat pie and thank a math teacher. In fact, we encourage all of you to eat some kind of pie in honor of today–pizza pie, apple pie, key lime–whatever.

We wanted to have fun with our math teachers on Pi Day, and brought pie to thank them and a few questions about Pi Day (as many as we could get to in the morning).  Haley Kelley brought in some Publix Key Lime (YUM) and Nyasia Butler brought in her family’s famous sweet potato pie (drool), and the team set out to talk to the teachers.


Mrs. Parks:

“This made my day!” (Also has a very sound conspiracy behind the Ides of March and Pi Day).

How many numbers do you know of Pi?


What will you be doing for Pi Day? 

I will talk to the kids about pi and encourage kids to eat round things. I will teach the students π and show them a video.


Mrs. Stamey

How many numbers of pi do you know?


How will you celebrate Pi Day?

We will acknowledge Pi Day, but we have midterms scheduled for this day. 


Mrs. Tindell 

Wins the prize for most numbers known of Pi.

How many numbers do you know of Pi?


What will you do in honor of Pi Day?

I don’t have any plans. 🙂

Mr. Jones

How many numbers do you know of π? 3.141 What will you be doing for π DayWe will be doing math!!  

Ms. Davis

How many numbers do you know of π? 3.1415 What will you be doing for π Day? Nothing special! 🙂

Mr. Luke

Numbers known: 3.1415926 Event planned:Nothing special for Pi Day. 😉

Happy Pi Day~ How to Celebrate

If you’ve read this far, we’re rewarding you with a little-known secret. Did you know that many businesses will offer specials on Pi Day? We think it’s absolutely pertinent that the holiday is celebrated–alongside the bag of uniquely flavored potato chips we recommended you also get.

California Pizza Kitchen is supposedly offering their famous key lime pie for only $3.14, a dessert normally priced at about $7.50.

Kroger AND Whole Foods are following suit with their pie prices, sugar free also, discounted to only $3.14 FOR THE WHOLE PIE (beat that, CPK).

Uber Eats says that they will take off $3.14 on pizza deliveries from now until the 17th.

Check around. Other local eateries may be doing something similar. Check your favorite bakery or pizza shop!

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