Happy Valentine’s From CHS


Photography by Hali Coombs

CHS was all abuzz today for Valentine’s Day! Different clubs and groups shared the love around campus as we took this Thursday-before-break to stop and reflect on one of America’s favorite holidays (candy is always cause to celebrate).

Chocolates are so last year and donuts are in! The Warrior Ladies Lacrosse team sold donuts at lunch, and even offered door-service to the classrooms!

For those who wanted to skip the lines and madhouse of last-minute shoppers just to search desperately over the last-minute, passed-over bouquets, the Horticulture Club sold beautifully and personally arranged bouquets. Perfect gift for mom. Don’t forget her since she probably made you heart-shaped waffles this morning.

Yours truly here with the Warrior Word shared positive message of kindness on hearts all over the campus. Did you find a hidden message? If so, did it make your day? Let us know! If you have any photos from the day, feel free to send them, and we will add them here!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

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