Laws of life essay has students in self-reflection

Image result for laws of lifeWhat is a truth or saying you know to be true through experience?

This is the question students participating in the Laws of Life essay contest will be contemplating as the second semester kicks off. At Cherokee High, all English classes in 9th and 12th grade and any students who elect to participate in other grade levels begin work on this self-reflection activity if they had not begun already.  This contest is state-wide, the largest of its kind in the nation, and 20 years old!


According to the website, “The Georgia Laws of Life Essay Contest challenges students to uncover their unique qualities and articulate how they demonstrate them in their lives. The emphasis is on ethics, education, and advanced literacy.”



Not only are students sharing their voice and improving communication skills, students are also eligible for a cash prize.

School Awards

Each teacher will select 2-3 winners. Grade-level winners will be selected from these submissions. The overall school winner will receive $100! Three $50 grade level winners will be chosen.


Statewide Awards

The chairs who selected school-wide winners will submit the work for state judging.  Top essays will be selected for one of the following prizes.

1st Place- $1000  2nd Place- $750  3rd Place- $500  4th Place- $300  5th Place- $200


What is involved?

  • Choose a law/truth/statement you live by and write it down. It can be the “motto” you live by. A famous quote, familiar saying, or proverb would work.
  • Describe the experiences that shape that understanding. Providing descriptive details on one big experience or even a quiet lesson learned would work.
  • Use LOTS of descriptive detail to immerse the reader in your experience.
  • Limit your narrative to 500-700 words.
  • Read other winners to get inspiration, but remember, this is YOUR story, and no one can describe your life experiences just the way you can.
  • Type your work.
  • Questions? Ask your ELA teacher!

For additional information, check out the LOL website: LINK


How do I see previous winners?

Click HERE for a brochure for the contest program that contains essays from previous winners.


What will you write about? Maybe we can feature some essays on our newspaper after the contest!

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