CHS shares that there is a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time when friends and family put their problems to the side and eat. It’s about watching Macy’s Thanksgiving parade while Grandma is cooking breakfast or rushing to the stores on Black Friday. The week before break, the CHS cafeteria staff gives us a special taste of a Thanksgiving meal, even the pumpkin souffle. As long as you are with the people you love and that buttered turkey, it’s a wonderful day.

The Warrior Word rookie writers collected data across the students and staff of Cherokee High School to answer some of the season’s top questions.

What are some traditions you and your family share?

The most common answers to this question include going to Grandma’s house, Black Friday shopping, spending time with family, yelling, watching football and the Thanksgiving parade, hunting, and watching Christmas movies.

Some more unique answers include eating toast, mixing all of the leftovers together, and sleeping right after eating. Coach Adams also added that his tradition is eating everything.

On the more wholesome side, some students make a craft with Grandma, put up the Christmas tree, pray before eating, or make carne asada.

Above: carne asada is a great alternative to the standard turkey and ham.

What kind of casserole is your favorite?

One staple of a Thanksgiving meal is the wide spread of casserole dishes brought by family members. Casseroles make great leftovers, so several dishes are practically guaranteed.

The Warrior Word rookie writers interviewed a large percentage of Cherokee students and staff to discover this year’s top picks on the casserole table.

As shown in the chart above, mac and cheese won the top spot for the best Thanksgiving casserole.

How close are you staying to home?

According to the survey, over 50% of students and staff surveyed will be staying home. The remainder was about tied for staying in the Atlanta Metro area, and going far out of town (30 miles or more).

What are you thankful for?

Cherokee is most thankful for friends, family, sports, their phones, Jesus, money, music, and life.

The top unique answers included passing math, Dr. Pepper, Benjamin Franklin, the week off, jar of dirt, and being awesome.

I’m thankful for my dog that looks like a rat.

Gabby Thomas

Pets were another top answer from the survey.

Above: Samantha Dodd, senior, is grateful for her cat Stinka-Pot.

[I’m thankful for] the day gas was below $3.00.

Jackson Lees

The heartfelt side of Cherokee showed when a few subjects talked about specific people they’re thankful for.

I am thankful to my stepdad because he showed me the love of a daughter and father and because he teaches me things or what I should do in different situations.

Anahi Mendez

Mrs. Hill also gave a thoughtful expression of gratitude toward her husband.

My life and my husband. He is the most amazing person I ever met.

Mrs. Hill


This year’s survey showed both sides of Cherokee: the wholesome and the hilarious. The Warrior Word conducted its largest survey this year, with over 300 responses collected by the rookie writers. Stay safe, Warriors, and enjoy the holiday week off!

Credit to:

Peyton Schaeffer for the headline, Gabby Thomas for the lead, and all of the rookie writers who collected data to make this article possible!

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