The 2022 Marching Band of Warriors performs their show, The Mad Barber, for the last time

Another successful season for the Band of Warriors concludes with tearful goodbye hugs for the seniors and bright ambitions for the underclassmen. This year the CHS marching band prepared a superb show for the Friday night lights and competitive competitions against schools all around Georgia, each time taking home a trophy and long-lasting memories.

In contrast to previous years, The Mad Barber is a dark show that shifts from cheery to wicked throughout the near ten-minute-long performance. Going along with the retro barber theme the music the band plays is fittingly from The Barber of Seville, The Cookie Factory from Edward Scissorhands, Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber, and Sweeney Todd.

The musical shift throughout the show from good to evil is illustrated by the color guard who does an impeccable job bringing color and unison to the field. The light blue flags, in the beginning, switch to an electrifying red, leaving the audience speechless. Additionally, the percussion offers a fun and lively to malicious and eerie shift in their playing to go along with the theme.

Overall, the ensemble does an astonishing job working together to make one great show.

Comparison between the blue opening hit and the red ballad flags that showcase good to evil [Photo Sorce: Garrett Holcombe]

The seniors celebrated the end of their hardy high school marching band careers with their second to last show on senior night by proudly walking down the Tommy Baker Field escorted by their parents and role models.

[Photo Credits: The Band of Warriors Facebook]

What did senior night mean for you?

Senior night felt like a fulfilling ending to a grand four years of band!

Jack Barrett, Senior Alto Saxophone

Senior night felt like a shared birthday with my other seniors and the present given to us is seeing all the people we care about the most being sentimental.

John Green, Band Captain

What was your favorite part about The Mad Barber season?

All the friendships not only I, but everyone else made.

Andrew Haynes, Drum Major

I really loved the precussion feature this year!

Oliver Mullen, Senior Trumpet

After a long night, the next day the band rose promptly out of bed for a Saturday morning rehearsal, preparing for prelims finals. They traveled to South Forsyth high school where they competed against 12 very talented groups.

The band performed their hearts out, and it definitely paid off.

[Photo Credits: The Band of Warriors Facebook]

The color guard has had an incredible season, placing second overall for guard out of the thirteen bands at the South Forsyth competition! Since the guard currently has 39 members—an unusually large group— their ability to spin in unison and perform incredibly difficult tricks is very impressive.

A few of the guard members shared their thoughts on how far the guard has come as a team.

The guard improved tremendously with the help of winter guard JV and Varsity teams by allowing us to showcase the different levels of skills we have and proving we can do more than we think!

Natalie Brock, Senior

Yes! We’ve grown in skill and are closer together as a family! Guard has been home to me for all four years.

Sarah Bell, Senior

We can’t forget about the hard work and patience band directors, Mr. Cheyne and Mr. Worley have put into the show. Their dedication when teaching the young students does not go unnoticed. Especially seen in the new visuals that add to the drama and illustrations of The Mad Barber.

Additionally, the band wants to give a big thank you to Mr. Daniel Hobson! The favorite band dad/photographer persevered through the scolding hot July and freezing cold October to take photos, documenting some of the student’s favorite memories. The splendid action and candid shots were posted to the band’s Facebook and Instagram, so all the members can have a moment of recognition for their hard work.

While we are sad to say goodbye to our seniors, the future is looking bright for the underclassmen. Many trophies and exciting shows are definitely something CHS can look forward to.

Congratulations and great job to our Band of Warriors!

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